Excerpts from “Unsustainable Humanity” by Dr. Igor Shepherd, March 19, 2022

“This Ukrainian invasion by Russia is simply the tail of the orchestrated Covid-19 pandemic dragon, which right off the bat (no pun intended) was meant to strip the western nations down to the bone and hang them from their necks.”

“You may ask, how advanced is globalization? Dear readers, it is done! Out of 195 countries in the world, 193 of them are members of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and participators under Agenda 2030. This is the final great reset of all nations under one global authority, and all previous governments of the world will be dismantled and no longer exist by the year 2030. Do I have your attention?”

“Sustainable development, should be defined as ‘infiltrated communism.’ It was introduced by communist sympathizers as a means to effectively infiltrate new communism into the heart of every nation. Under this new reign of dictatorship, old communism will pale in comparison.”

“When the Ukraine mess started, the controlled media abruptly stopped hounding the masses about the Covid-19 pandemic. The newly created ‘crisis’ was meant to become the new focus for the global agenda. The scary war replaced the scary virus and the elite players of the Covid-19 fiction drama gave a bow, and the curtain went down (for a season). But as soon as the curtain of make-believe dropped on the pandemic, it shot right back up and string-puppets Biden, Putin and Zelensky stepped on stage, waltzing before the world, tossed about by the secret magicians who are the key players in organizing the new world order.”

“Vaccines are far from over because the globalists have not yet managed to complete the process of robotizing us. Created pandemics will be part of the global future and those who are allowed to remain living will be transformed into obedient hybrids through massive gene-editing strategies and other invasive technologies. Do not be fooled, this great reset carries a lot of dark spiritual implications behind its agenda.”

“This new world order will not be like China’s current communism, or like the previous USSR’s communism. A one world government will be more malicious in nature than ever before witnessed because the control of humanity is absolute- and this is why the powers that be throughout history have strived for globalism.”

5 thoughts on “Excerpts from “Unsustainable Humanity” by Dr. Igor Shepherd, March 19, 2022

      1. Yeah, must have slipped through. Even though the posting date says 2020, I wonder what year it was actually produced. Might have been pre mass-awakening. I sure get a lot out of all those guys hiding the woods, ready to take on the tyrant’s army. What grand people they must have been, people I’d loved to have known.



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