Fake And Managed Civil War Trump Trap

The Chad Chaddington

August 9th, 2022.

Don’t fall for this nonsense. They want to say there are violent insurrectionists all over the country angry and ready to go over this Trump thing. He is not your friend, he is an actor playing a role just like Biden. This is the big thing they were planning before mid terms that I talked about.

11 thoughts on “Fake And Managed Civil War Trump Trap

  1. Chad Chaddington gets it for the most part about chump an chumpanzees. After all the 4skin munchers chump has allied with, received financial help from and supported it’s-not-real over US interest, I don’t know how anyone can NOT see the psyops and acting being presented to them. Beyond retard level.

      F-k this mother f-king gun polishing ‘wait until they kill you’ c-t.
      He keeps telling you that they are going to beat you and for you to sit on your ass and just wait for it.
      Enforce the supreme superior unalienable ratified by the people law of December 15, 1791 with extreme prejudice. And do it yesterday! We’ve already let enough invaders cross our borders and hardened soldiers from around the world have been brought behind our lines.
      F-king fight or admit you’re a gutless piece of shit who ain’t worth the powder it would take to blow your f-king brains out. Quit acting like these c-ts are tough, because they aren’t.
      We’re going to cream their f-king ass and we’re already behind schedule, got it, you f-king shill?
      Of course I’m not referring to you, Martist, I think you understand the situation.

      1. Absolutely, Henry. I totally get your rage and I find colorful thinking and sentence enhancers flow much much easier when adding such defeatism to the solution! His apathy is consent and I couldn’t agree LESS with that neutered spineless approach. It’s hard to believe anyone could even advocate for such a response, given the circumstances?!

  2. Making predictions on political theater is a tricky business. What this guy is saying is possible I don’t think enough people really care about Trump that much. In my opinion they are setting Trump up to win the next (s)election by equating him to freedom, justice etc. Not everyone likes Trump and many on the fence but everyone loves freedom. He’ll step in after Joe to finish the job his master’s have instructed him to do. Pay attention and be ready to defend our BOR with every terrible instrument of death.


  3. In all due respect It does not matter if it is JOE the popsicleman or Chump at the zoo! LONG .. Before that we were all cheated by this Radical COMMUNIST Government!!

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  4. Here is some Canadian Q Tards who believe that a Filipino immigrant lady is actually the “Queen of Canada” and followed her to arrest some police over the weekend, with the Canadian Army on standby of course.

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