4 thoughts on “Fauci on How to Deal w/ Anti-Vaxers

    1. Yeah, there’s a manual somewhere: “How to deal with Pro-Vaxers!!” I’m sure all Trenchers have read it. It’s pretty loud ‘literature.’



      1. Yup you can feel their apprehension on going for the mandate, they are salivating of course we know at the thought, but they won’t force it with Arms because that will trigger an instant Pow, Pow response, they have to run the legal aspects, along with the massive fear and propaganda first, then the mandates for your kids et al and then to have a job, renew your lic’s or even go out into the public commons. Then they feel they can selectively enforce and use media to shame etc…

        Well, I’m guessing they are wrong and a Rebellion will ensue either way, maybe slow to start, but assuredly it must.

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