Fiery Explosions Rock New NSA Spy Center #N3

Published on Oct 8, 2013 by NextNewsNetwork

BLUFFDALE, UT – Fiery explosions, caused by massive electrical surges inside the data storage facility, have resulted in the destruction of extremely expensive machinery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, this isn’t the first time the largest database in the U.S. experienced such technical complications. The facility has faced 13 electrical surges over the past 10 months alone, preventing NSA workers from using the computers on each occasion.

An NSA spokeswoman assures that the issues have been mitigated, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the Utah project bypassed “regular quality controls in design and construction.”

The one billion dollar facility, which contains 1.2 million square feet of enclosed space and requires an estimated 1.7 million gallons of water per day to cool equipment, was originally scheduled to open its doors this September, but its opening has been pushed back for another year, leaving the country’s biggest spy center nearly unusable at the present time.

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17 thoughts on “Fiery Explosions Rock New NSA Spy Center #N3

  1. Good. I hope someone finishes it off, by setting a bunch of claymores or thermite to it. A fitting tribute to what they did to us and the WTC during 9/11.

  2. What’s with the sensationalism?
    An arc fault in a box is a looooong way from “fiery explosion,” which would be nice, but is not the case here.

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