Fire in trendy New York City neighborhood could be burning for weeks, officials say

Portrait of Firefighter (Shutterstock)Raw Story – Reuters

A seven-alarm fire that destroyed a warehouse and forced an evacuation in one of New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods could take weeks to extinguish completely, fire officials said on Sunday.

Some 270 firefighters have been sent to battle the blaze, which broke out early on Saturday, charring a four-story storage facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, said firefighter Daniel Glover. The cause of the fire is under investigation.  

The city’s health department issued a warning late on Saturday, asking residents of the neighborhood, which is lined with bars and restaurants, to stay indoors with their windows closed to avoid smoke-related injuries. One person reported minor smoke inhalation injury.

“As with most fires of this magnitude, it is important that everyone limit their exposure to smoke,” the health department said in a statement.

Images posted to social media show billowing smoke forming a gray cloud above Brooklyn and a blackened carcass of the warehouse, which specializes in storing paper office records, taking up the length of an entire block.

Images showed firefighters, who fought the flames in frigid temperatures overnight, with icicles hanging down from their helmets.

The fire, which forced the evacuation of a nearby commercial area, was largely smoldering by Sunday morning and was not considered a threat to nearby buildings, Glover said.

Fire crews will likely remain at the site of the fire for the coming weeks to control smoldering, debris and small pockets of fire that may erupt, Glover said.

(Reporting by Laila Kearney; Editing by Dominic Evans)

36 thoughts on “Fire in trendy New York City neighborhood could be burning for weeks, officials say

  1. Gee, I wonder what incriminating evidence of financial criminality is being destroyed by burning up all of these ‘paper office records’?
    They’ve got to let it burn for 4 days to get all of the evidence completely destroyed. Special “firefighters” will remain on scene to frequently stir up the embers and get oxygen to the paper fuel allowing complete combustion.

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          2. @ Millard 4:42 pm
            WOW! I’m really confused… Did something happen, in a different story, that I missed?
            Send ME an email about it. 😉

  2. Beware of collapsing buildings in the vicinity.

    I hear that’s common in NYC. Buildings near fires collapsing. (sar-casm)

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  6. “As with most fires of this magnitude, it is important that everyone limit their exposure to smoke,” the health department said in a statement.”

    Besides, the chemtrails more than adequate to poison the air.

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