“First They Come For The Homeless”

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

In some of my previous articles, we have discussed the ongoing issue of the homeless in this country being harassed by FEMA and shipped off to FEMA Camps and jails across the United States. A trial run of sorts to see who will tolerate incarceration against their will.  

Our most vulnerable, our most dependent, citizens are carted like sheep to slaughter, all an ugly part of a more sinister plan against the people of the United States.

In this 3 part video series, Mike Zint exposes this ugly plot to create a complete Police State and examines the steps taken to complete this scheme, how it works and who is at risk. It exposes Diane Feinstein’s husband, Dick Blum, realtor-in-thief and his role in this scheme to rid the country of what the Elite consider the “undesirables”. Once they start getting away with this tactic on the homeless, your family, my family, could be next.

The information you are about to see will leave you with very little doubt as to what is really going on with the homeless in our nation. What may seem as kindness is a test to begin the round-ups of American citizens.

After I wrote this article a reader by the name stevende1950 gave me an incredible update about what has been happening in his area.

Here’s what he stated:

This week, Columbus, GA, attempted a census of its homeless population, tried to entice them to fill out info forms with $5 gift cards to fast food joints. One of the volunteers told the authorities, “You haven’t scratched the surface. Bring $50 gift cards; they’ll come out of the woodwork.”

I smell the same thing coming here.


2 thoughts on ““First They Come For The Homeless”

  1. “Once they start getting away with this tactic on the homeless, your family, my family, could be next.”

    They’re doing their best to ‘remedy’ that ‘situation’.

    The families that still HAVE homes, that is.

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