Plans to Combine the Measles and Ebola Vaccine

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All viruses mutate, some easier than others. Ebola is an RNA virus, like influenza and these viruses have a high rate of mutation so the changes in Ebola were to some extent to be expected. What wasn’t expected was the speed of change and how it has changed.

Scientists from the Institut Pasteur, France have said in an interview with the BBC that the first mutations occurred a mere 24 days after the outbreak started.  

“We know the virus is changing quite a lot,” said human geneticist Dr Anavaj Sakuntabhai.

“That’s important for diagnosing (new cases) and for treatment. We need to know how the virus (is changing) to keep up with our enemy.”

“We’ve now seen several cases that don’t have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases,”

“These people may be the people who can spread the virus better, but we still don’t know that yet. A virus can change itself to less deadly, but more contagious and that’s something we are afraid of.”

Asymptomatic carriers are a group of people the medical profession dreads. These are people who can spread a virus in local communities and across international borders totally undetected. NONE of the measures set-up to stop Ebola victims boarding planes would detect these individuals. With no symptoms, they have no reason to believe that they are ill and, therefore, no reason to avoid international travel. They are the Typhoid Mary‘s of the modern day.

The Institute and some larger pharmaceutical companies have been working on a vaccine for Ebola for some months and one of these vaccines is a modification of a very widely used measles vaccine, the type that has failed to stop the Disneyland spread in the current Californian  measles outbreak. The new vaccine would supposedly protect those vaccinated against both measles and Ebola.

Combining the two vaccines will effectively remove the choice from parents of children who have to show an up to date vaccination record before their children are enrolled in school. If the measles vaccination is compulsory, the Ebola vaccine would be impossible to opt out of.

Although denied by governments we all know what happened when the MMR combined vaccine was introduced. The thought of an Ebola and measles combination will fill many people with dread, and understandably so.

From Mac Slavo:  Measles Police State: “Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail

2014 Council on Foreign Relations report found:

“the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases. This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks,” with the U.S. Canada and rest of the Western world leading the list.

Berezow argues:

Measles is perhaps the most infectious human disease. Virus particles can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves. And measles is not a minor infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that before widespread vaccination began in 1980, 2.6 million people a year died from measles. About 400 people a day still do.

Put simply, no person has the right to threaten the safety of his community. Like drunken drivers, the unvaccinated pose an imminent danger to others. They pose a lethal threat to the most vulnerable:

the immunocompromised, such as HIV or cancer patients, and infants who have yet to receive their vaccines.Anti-vaccine parents are turning their children into little walking time bombs.They ought to be charged for endangering their children and others.

Could this be the run-up to enforced Ebola vaccinations?

The World Health Organization would have us believe, via mainstream media that the beginning of the end has arrived in the current outbreak. This is in my opinion total bull s*$t. We are still seeing Ebola care teams threatened and run out of villages and towns in West Africa. Burial teams cannot keep up with the number of bodies they have to remove each day. There are still nowhere near enough treatment beds and facilities for those showing signs of suffering from the disease and families across West Africa are still caring for the sick, and washing the bodies of the dead at home. A disease spread by bodily fluids, of which there are copious amounts both before and after death, does not just stop. as long as there are hosts and practices conducive to spreading the disease the epidemic continues.

Either the figures are deliberately being screwed (Many Western medics believe the current figures are a gross and deliberate underestimate of the facts) or the virus has mutated to such a point that the signs and symptoms of the disease are changing and therefore cases are not been added to the official tally.

Very small outbreaks of Ebola have stopped of their own accord in the past, usually because they occurred in small isolated communities and the disease ran out of hosts. That’s not the case this time. It’s in the towns and cities. It’s in the slums where people live so closely packed together that avoiding physical contact is out of the question.

Contagious diseases rarely if ever stop spreading when the conditions are favorable for them to do so. 


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Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Originally published January 29th, 2015

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  1. “We know the virus is changing quite a lot,” said human geneticist Dr Anavaj Sakuntabhai.”

    And WE know you’re a LYING POS, ‘doc’.

    Hope you die from a massive hemorrhoid attack.

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