Five People Wounded, Two Dead in Mass Shooting at Car Show in Los Angeles – Shooter(s) at Large

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

Los Angeles, California – At least five people are wounded and two are dead in a mass shooting at a car show in San Pedro at Peck Park Sunday afternoon.

The shooter (may be more than one suspect) is still at large. 

According to Orange County Register reporter Eric Licas, the shooting was described “as a dispute between two parties” that led to gunshots fired.

Children were also in attendance at the car show when shots were fired.

Flashy cars with modified suspensions left the park after the shooting.


CBS News reported:

At least seven people have been injured after reports of a shooting at Peck Park in San Pedro.

Two of the victims have died after being transported to a local hospital, Los Angeles City Fire Department captain public information officer Erik Scott announced during a press conference.

Sky2 was over the scene as a Los Angeles Police Department officer performed CPR on a male victim.

The shooting took place at the park’s baseball diamond after an altercation broke out during a game, according to LAPD.

Scott confirmed that this was not an active shooter incident.

LAPD said there is no one in custody at this moment and it’s unclear how many suspects were involved.

Four of the victims were men and three were women. All of the victims transported to local trauma centers after suffering injuries from gun fire.

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2 thoughts on “Five People Wounded, Two Dead in Mass Shooting at Car Show in Los Angeles – Shooter(s) at Large

    1. Cultural car show and a very good chance it was gang related. It shocking but also the possibility that there was drugs involved along with felons with guns. That was no mom and pop car show for sure. A hit is also a real possibility. Everything s now a mass shooting .

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