Foreign Troops are in California Training to Kill People when the US Dollar Dies

Published on Jun 27, 2013 by CourageousNerd z


I think the u.s. dollar is coming close to a CRASH, and these FOREIGN TROOPS are about to help China engage foreign martial law. Take a look around, there were 10,000 people in line buying gold in china for some odd reason,……

The trigger has been pulled:…

Another one here:…

then we have riots in turkey,brazil, and in a few days egypt, as well as a few other countries. Are you aware Both the united states and have now started gearing up for
“riot control”?

Saddle up folks. Repent or suffer for decisions you could of made when you had the chance.

I JUST HEARD ABOUT A PROTEST CALLED “MARCH AGAINST THE BANKS” occurring on july 6 2013 in africa. why is it in africa. I dunno. But the U.S. collapse is just around the corner.

13 thoughts on “Foreign Troops are in California Training to Kill People when the US Dollar Dies

  1. Here is news for all you Jar Headed Leather Necks and you f`in foriegners training with the US military – when the SHTF and us real Americans see one of you military boys – foreign or domestic – start hauling us real American people off or shooting us guys we will have the cross hairs aimed at you traitors and we real true Americans will not hessitate blowing your traitorius heads off your shoulders, and I do mean each and every one of you lizard F`ers. And I mean it. GOOD VID. ADMIN.

    1. It’s so wonderful that we have foreign troops practicing to kill us. Remember the purge of the military with the “will you shoot on American citizens” litmus test that forced many high ranking officers out. Well, now they got their foreign troops who will have no hesitation.

      1. Yep Millard, and our military is willinly training them and the troops are wilinly traing with themside by side. Every one of them knows exactly what they are train for.

      2. Keep in mind people, this is a “planned multinational drill”. The coincidences with almost every major terror event coincided with a “drill”.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how our military, sworn to protect the Citizens of the USA is now training for the Marshal Law takeover caused by the Evil Elitist Hoard Federal Reserve/Central Bank enactment of the New World Order by Dec. 23, 2013, the 100th Anniversary of the Fed…..Continue & step up the fight for Truth, Liberty & Freedom

  3. There will only be rumors of their demise,
    never to be seen, nor heard from, again.
    This will be their legacy….
    They went to wage war, and NEVER came back !

  4. Notice how these drills are always over here and never in any of the other countries. It’s always assumed that America needs these foreign troops more than anyone else, even though we are supposed to be the strongest military in the world.

    What this says is that the majority of the US military will not fight or shoot their own people. Barry the rat knows this and here is his answer to that.

    The man is an idiot and a traitor. Most of all, a coward. This is why we will squash this vermin. He is no military tactical wizard, obviously.

    1. Hey Mark, don’t be surprised if half our military, or more, decides to uphold their oath. These F’N corporate fascist pigs somehow believe they’ll be safe in their “gated communities” or ,for that matter, private islands better understand that once the people rise up there will be no place on earth to hide. I say we make good use of those guillotines and have public beheadings.

    2. As EX navy your statement is wrong…We do these trainings 2-3 times a year in their countries. I was based out of Japan 7th fleet, CAG5. This drill is light. I didnt hear a boom or a bang…
      Also I liked how the Japanese soldiers spoke english yet half the people who live in that county (mexican/philipinos) dont/wont. They(Japanese) have a culture based on honor/respect. Mexico and the PI are based on tough guys with no intelligence. Just my opinion I have been wrong before and shall again.

  5. Hope the whole lot is passing out from heat stroke in these blistering temperatures we’re currently experiencing.

  6. I shall collect a helmet from every nation I can. OOOOH I want a blue helmet soooooo bad. It will look good on my burning effigy of TPTB front man in chief. cork sucker

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