6 thoughts on “Forget Fluoride Lets Add Lithium To Public Water!

  1. Who the hell is that lisping faggot at around 0:52 trying to convince us lithium is a good thing in the water? That scumbag probably has a night gig out at the Bohemian Grove.

    1. Yea that fruit loop probably needs a shot of lithium every time his gay lover leaves him so he won’t get depressed.

  2. Guess the chemtrails, pesticides, pharmaceuticals & Fukushima radiation already in it isn’t killing us fast enough to suit them.

  3. Yea so apparently, they not only want us to be dumb zombies, they also want us to be psychologically messed up dumb zombies. I guess the funny thing is when they get done with us, REAL zombies will probably be more human than us.

    In any case, it amazes me how they don’t tell the people about this until afterwards and how they are completely going against every human right in the book by experimenting on us without asking us first. It’s a complete crime against humanity. And we complain that North Korea and China are bad. This is also insane and a mass crime against humanity all around the world.

    In addition to that, I can see now another reason why we went to war and are still there in Afghanistan. They have a shitload of lithium and since the corporations now have it, they need to use it somehow, so they are finding ways to use it on us. Never let a good crisis (or metal in this case), go to waste!

    Oh man, the atrocities that are going day in and day out in this country and world is getting to be more than I or anyone can bear. It just makes me wish God would come down and strike a bolt of lightning through every one of these SOBs.

    1. By the way, one of the causes of my father’s death was that he was taking too much lithium and had problems regulating it. Since it is toxic, it basically messed up his brain and put him in a coma, in addition to a blood infection and kidney problems that supposedly were not related to that issue. From that point, the doctors said there was no chance of saving him and he passed on.

      Trust me, if this shit gets into the water, you’re gonna find a lot more people with brain damage or brain dead. Literally.

      DON’T LET THEM PUT LITHIUM IN THE WATER!! IT MUST BE STOPPED! It will definitely be worse than Fluoride. Trust me. I can’t emphasize that enough.

  4. a number of years back the UK got caught and openly admitted to adding Prozac to their national water supply to quell any chance of uprisings over what they were up to, likely this is similar.

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