9 thoughts on “Former UN Adviser Defends Female Genital Mutilation as ‘Gender-Egalitarian Surgery’

  1. You woman seem to have no problem mutilating boys genitals before they are old enough to say otherwise, whats the difference?

    1. I agree and have two boys. I was told that it was for cleanliness. I was ignorant to the fact for my infant boys. I will go as far to ask if it changed your pleasure? Doubt….how could you know.

      Now on this subject (girls) I have to wonder what is the point? From what I understand this procedure is for the sole purpose to take the young girls pleasure away during intimacy? Also Dude Tuckner never asked her what was the point of it.

      More Communism.

      1. I have no clue, they wacked mine off (no pun intended), I don’t know how to approach this subject, I don’t think anyone’s bodies should be altered in a forced manor.

  2. I was also was raised with the notion that circumcision was necessary for cleanliness. Now this is just my opinion but as I learned to think for myself it occurred to me that circumcision hurts babies. Also, trusting the creation, it seems that the body is just as it should be. Jus’ sayin’ but also feelin’ like I might get pounced on for sayin’. Oh well, gotta call ’em as we see ’em.

    1. Circumcision is the Jews marking their slaves. It was sold to our people through the Jew controlled medical industry. It is unnatural.

  3. Well… I think this former UN person should lead by example..and…well uno.

    Then maybe I’ll be a believer.

    Otherwise they should just circumcise themselves.

    Starting at their fkng neck…!!!

  4. I researched circumcision in the US. It was a ‘jew’ driven agenda.
    I surmise it was two fold. First so the ‘jews’ could hide among the population.
    Second, there must be a permanent imprint on the psyche of an infant
    (and even young boy as is in islam.). and I suspect it isn’t good.
    Third, it’s disfiguring and unnatural. Don’t do it.

    I think female circumcision is done out of spite since it removes much of the pleasure of sex. It has no real use whatsoever.

    Nature made us as we are supposed to be, so let it be.


    1. My mom told the story that when I was born the doc tried to cut me. Dad said,”if you cut my boy, I’ll cut your f#@kin throat”. As far as cleanliness.that’s a bullshit argument. ……. All Jewish horse shit

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