French police officers are turning away civilians at the pumps

The Counter Signal – by Jorgen Soby

Police officers in France are checking civilians’ tanks at the pumps and sending away those with too much fuel to be eligible for a top-up.

Some people are waiting in line at the pumps from dawn to dusk, and still, these people can be turned away by police.

L’Effondrement (The Collapse) is a French TV show produced in 2019 that speculated what would happen if French society and civilization collapsed. In 2022, mandated restrictions and essential supply shortages like gas have turned speculation into reality.

French Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher claims that more than 80% of France’s gas stations are at a stable and normal capacity.

However, a video from France 24 news shows citizens sleeping in their cars in hopes of getting a chance to refill the next day. One man is sent away for having a tank three-quarters full.

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is requiring on-strike gas station workers at top gas producers like Esso to return to work despite labour disputes.

France’s General Confederation of Labour union (CGT) suspended government negotiations after Borne said the government was willing to use force to ensure workers would return to production.

CFE-CGC and CFDT unionized workers are negotiating for a 10.7% pay increase. Esso claims to have settled on a 6.5% total pay increase with most unions. However, the CGT union has announced it will not settle for less than a 10% pay increase, and many union workers remain on strike.

Borne said a salary disagreement does not justify blocking the country.

France’s total oil refinery production has been reduced by over 60%, according to The Guardian.

The energy crisis happened after French President Emmanuel Macron shut down nuclear reactors, forcing France to ration energy.

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