FSA Announces Bashir Al-Assad Is Dead, Gives Him 12 Hours To Prove Them Wrong

Bashar-al-AssadBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

The Free Syrian Army announced Saturday, March 30, 2013 through a press of one of its leaders called Abu Ali Khabia the death of President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the statement read by Abu Ali Khabiya, Bashar al-Assad was killed in collaboration with the Iranian officers belonging to his bodyguard.  

It should be recalled that last weekend a rumor about the death of Bashar al-Assad quickly around the world, backed by the Arab press, Israeli and French.

To show their good faith, the head of Abu Ali Khabia  and his troops are challenging Bashar Bashar, if living, to show up in the next 12 hours.

This is kinda big, if the FSA says he’s dead, he very well could be.  Not that they have any more credibility than the government but to make such a statement about Assad is putting whatever they have left on the line. -Mort


10 thoughts on “FSA Announces Bashir Al-Assad Is Dead, Gives Him 12 Hours To Prove Them Wrong

    1. Figured you’d appreciate this one, Mark.

      The challenge has been issued.

      Put up or shut up, I always say.

  1. Wow. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures by the FSA. And this is as about as desperate as they come when they start shouting their mouths about someone dead without showing the body.

    Hey, let’s all start saying someone is dead without showing their body. Hey Putin is dead. Hey Ahmedinejihad is dead. Hey Kim Jong Un is dead. I mean really. Talk about pathetic.

    1. They DID show a body.

      Never mind that it was Ghaddafi’s, with Assad’s head photoshopped onto it.

      Minor detail.

  2. The Al-CIA-da wankers have beaten into irrelevancy.

    We The People, grant them 12 hrs
    to prove that they have not.


    (tick tock)

  3. “Syrian fella not on TV, therefore he has been shot in the head.”

    “In other news, it has been discovered that the Romans invented the mobile phone as evidenced by the lack of landlines found during archaeological excavations, proving once again that the Romans were more advanced than everyone had at first thought. Although why no one has yet found a Roman mobile phone is still puzzling experts, who suggest they were probably made out of wood and may have not survived.”

    The Pultizer prize is on it’s way.

    1. Please, enlighten us with a self written article some time on your overall thoughts about world events. Would be an interesting read. We need more talent around here.

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