99ers Seeking Unemployment Extension HR 589 Obama has found a Solution to the Jobs Problem

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, speaking in North Carolina yesterday revealed his plans for job creation, which was formulated by a bunch of his corporate thief Mafioso buddies.  It was so simple; I don’t know why I didn’t see it.  All we have to do is give billions more dollars in green energy grants to companies like General Electric so they can take that money and build more facilities…….in China and India, and wah-la, hundreds of thousands of new jobs for the Chinese and Indians.

And of course we need to further deregulate and cut taxes on the corporate elite so they can feel more confident and do what they do best.  Build new industry and create hundreds of thousands of jobs…..…in China and India.

One expert is saying we need to cut unemployment in order to get more jobs.  You see the reason there aren’t any jobs is because we unemployed are lying around on our couches and not looking for them.  So, following this line of logic, if we get up off our arses and vigorously look for jobs, they are going to magically appear……in China and India.

There is not one of the neo-con national socialist international Nazis or one national socialist international communist saying one thing different than what they were saying a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago.  The only difference I see is that the rhetoric is being directed as campaign slogans now.  You know like it was last year before the midterms.

The only thing they are saying is that they realize our house in on fire and the solution is to turn over more of  our resources to a group of individuals, who if they get this wealth are going to dig a well that might produce enough water for us to wet our mouths while the house is finishing burning.  And of course those digging the well are doing so in China and India and are in reality the arsonists that set the house on fire.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that we the people now see that those running/destroying our country are government officials one week, employed as corporate elites at outrageous salaries the next week, and of course the week after that, they are back running/destroying our country again.  The solution would seem simple.  Throw the corporations out of our government and put the people back in power, as our forefathers intended.

Hell, let’s throw the corporations clear out of the country.  They produce nothing and want to take everything we produce.  Really, what do we need them for?  The truth is they brag amongst themselves as to how they have bought our system and now have our people paying them to screw us.

Everybody does realize that if they tried this crap in any other country, they would be killed.  This is why Goldman Sachs executives fled Libya and had our troops sent in to punish their people.  Have no doubt; the international elite see our armed forces and the blood of our children as nothing more than a tool they use to force their way into other countries around the world to take their natural resources literally at the end of a gun.

The wealth of this planet is in its natural resources.  When 6,000 individuals wind up with 90% of the wealth derived from those resources it cannot be called anything but theft.  They did not harvest the resources with their hands.  They did not transport the resources with their legs.  They did not manufacture the resources using their minds and bodies.  All they did was slither about like the proverbial snake in the Garden of Eden, whisper the right lies in the right ears, create a cabal of slithering snakes that sleazed an international middleman system into being, and swindled and defrauded the peoples of the world out of their property.  You know like when these same slime balls first came to the American continent and traded the good natured folk here glass beads for Manhattan.  And they haven’t stopped stealing since.

I think the people of the United States are finally starting to realize that the corporate elite are and have been for a hundred years giving us glass beads for our resources which are unmatched anywhere in the world.  So come on people.  Let’s kick their asses, take our wealth back, and make them eat their glass beads before we put them on the deportations barges bound for Somalia.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Obama the president of Fox News and its commentators. We shall see if the those people are going to vote for you the next election. Guys remember, Obama and Biden made a deal to give tax brake more than Bush at night, we should do the same and stay home no vote for Obama and Biden period.

    1. You should go to vote against him, shame on you! Staying at home is the Ostrich Syndrome and that is sooo wrong in so many levels!

  2. Henry,
    Oregon sounds like it has much better programs than Jersey or anywhere else.
    There is something like a TUI here in New Jersy though you have to be unemployed less than a year. This rule is a old requirement that I tried to fight, though got nowhere. It only makes sense when times are this bad they would stretch the rules and requirements a little more to help. I will research it again and see if they’ve changed the requirements in favor of the 99ers, I doubt it. When I look up TUI I only see Oregon..sounds like a nice place, I should be thinking about getting on that famous Oregon Trail.

    If you know anything more about this TUI in other states please past it along.

    In reference to your editorial today, I was just reading about how they want to help out these corporations with billions and more cuts. I say get a promise and a signed statement from these corporations saying they will hire miilions of employees first!

  3. The transom inner core became waterlogged caused by the improper installation of the transducer,

  4. Don’t washington see that the unemployed 99ers Will work for unemployment check????
    street cleaning window washing hall cleaning court house sweaping you name it the’ll do it people want to work?????????

    1. Dixon Rochet,
      So you want to work for an unemployment check, huh? I’m sure the elite will be glad to hear that. Now they can fire all the public employees, take their paychecks, savings accounts, pensions, and homes. And in about 99 weeks they can put you out of work doing your job for about a tenth of the money.
      You see this is what they want. This is how they continue to drop our standard of living.
      No, I want my goddamn living wage back and everything else they have stolen. And when I go after it, I will not do so by turning on my own kind.
      United we stand because divided we are finished. It’s time to say “No More” and enforce it.

      1. Great response, Henry!

        Keep educating the media fed sheep. They will come around eventually. No offense Dixon, times are getting rough and desperate!
        Hang in there…

  5. why so stupid Rep’s state that there are jobs available when that is simply not the case……………Working at McDonalds is not a job or career, but a part time gig for a high school student to earn some money. Why don’ t you fools stop with the lunacy already. In addition why don’t you go work at McDonalds and support your family. I hope all you IDIOTS die a horrific death so the rest of us can get back to trying to restore this country to normalcy while you rot in hell…..

    1. mark well fuckin said where are there layoffs and im sure they all have top grade insurance i lost a 50.000 a year job to looking at making 20.000 at the most every time i hear abought congress or the president there on vacation or obama is on another trip to find out where is roots come from and everytime that piece of shit gets on the airforce one it’s costing the taxpayer 3 million dollars to pay for secret service while you and me cant even afford to fill the gas tank to go to the store sounds great dont it obama and congress are the greatest there living on steak and lobster were livin on pb and j and ramman noodles some fuckin examples we have here i hope they all die personally

  6. Maybe he was hungery like most of us 99er’s….very sad
    man reported at 2:41 a.m. that someone broke into his home and stole meat, a crime summary said. Further details were not immediately available this morning.

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