Fukushima – The Experts Speak Out on Radiation and Natural Cures

Water samples being taken 400 miles off the coast of Japan are showing radiation levels 1000 times higher than previous readings according to finding at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And of course these levels should not worry us as they pose no significant threat to our health, which begs the question, “How much radiation does it take to represent a significant threat to our health?”

Many of us in the United States take our health seriously.  We abstain from eating red meat, buy only organic produce, and prefer homeopathic cures to the poisons being put out by the pharmaceutical companies.  When we try to practice good eating habits and body maintenance we are confronted by another group of experts, also a part of the scientific community that is telling us that radiation in the Pacific Ocean is insignificant to our health.

This second group consists of highly motivated individuals who say that vitamins and organic foods like raw milk are a significant threat to our health to the point of having them outlawed, and indeed are supporting the conducting of raids on natural vitamin producers, private gardens, and organic dairy farms.

Anyone who cannot see this hypocrisy for what it is not seeing things clearly.  On the one hand, we are being told that a four reactor meltdown that has resulted in the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean and everything therein should not concern us as radiation is actually quite natural and good for us.  And then on the other hand, we need to crack down on suppliers of natural substances like raw milk, organic food, and natural vitamins.

These so called experts are employed by corporate special interests.  Those telling you not to worry about the radiation in your food, air, and water are working for the nuclear industry and they do not care about your health.  They only care about present and future profits to be derived in deceiving you.

The “experts” who are attacking natural substances are in the employ of big corporate agriculture that is involved in genetically redesigning our food, not for our health, but to procure maximum profit.

And then you have the pharmaceutical companies who employ their own experts to attack homeopathic medicine for no other purpose than to eliminate their competition.

It is like the anti-hemp laws in this country.  Marijuana was made a controlled substance, not to protect we the people from the munchies, but rather to protect the textile and pharmaceutical industries, as not only can you make the finest fiber out of hemp, but it is an excellent dietary supplement.  And of course the strains that produce THC are a preferred pain reliever.

I guess to sum this article up; it would be sufficient to say that these so called experts would like to make it illegal for you to use hemp to alleviate the affects of the cancer the radiation from Fukushima will be causing.

We all need to look at the deteriorating condition of our natural world and realize that we are a part of it and our best chance at survival is to do our best to try to preserve and restore it.  When looking at the threat of radiation, though it does occur in the natural world, it is poison to the human body.  Not only should we be finding ways to deal with natural radiation, but for God’s sake, we should stop purposefully creating more unnatural radiation.

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