2 thoughts on “Funniest Flip Wilson Show Of All

  1. Flip is/was a talented comedian. But I HATE Jewish humor, and don’t own a TV for that reason. Guarantee you that it was a Jew that wrote the script, and a Jew that approved it and added on to it.

    They have names for black people, and they aren’t nice. They have names for Christians, also not nice.

    They have a name for all nonJews, and it’s GOYIM, and it means cattle.

    I hate Jewish humor. It’s all sick, sick like they are, full of hate and ridicule of others. They are the ones who have no morals and no heart, and they want to express it all in their sick TV so-called comedy. If they can get the nonJew to laugh and agree with the opinions the Jews have for the nonJew, that delights them.

    Thank God that Jesus is coming soon. Tribulation began 9/23/17, and that means we’re already almost one year into it. It will last only 7.5 years total, and then this will be a whole new world, run by Jesus, not by Satan and his Jewish minions.

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