Gaddafi, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld – All War Criminals

It is being reported that Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi will be indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court on charges that could include unlawful detention, torture, persecution and murder.  I would like to understand how this International Court works and who decides who will be prosecuted and who will not. 

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld falsified evidence that was used as cause for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.  In Iraq hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children were literally murdered in the most heinous fashion imaginable.   And the international criminals who perpetrated these crimes walk about openly among us.

This brings us to the death of Bin Laden.  As Obama has already violated international law by invading Libya without cause and committed war crimes in killing Gaddafi’s grandchildren, one would have to ask how Gaddafi is being distinguished as a criminal and Obama is not.  You see they want to legitimize Obama’s actions and they figure they might as well take care of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld while they are at it. 

Let us look at what happened in Pakistan.  Once again, Obama sent an invasion force into a foreign country to make war, in violation of not only our Constitution but international law.  Why?  Because it was an opportunity to make it acceptable for what he had done in Libya. 

When the news came out about the murdered little children the American people started looking at one another and judging the actions their country was taking in their names.  So they bring the hated Bin Laden out of deep freeze and put on a stage play wherein they killed the terrible terrorist.  Of course they violated international law in doing so, but the American people were no longer looking at each other in judgment, but rather were praising the unlawful act.

President Obama cannot order any person to death without a due process of law.  This is not only U.S. law but it is international law.  But the American people, in accepting the violations because they supposedly resulted in the death of Bin Laden, have made legitimate the murder of the three little children in Libya.  You see if it is acceptable to go into one country and assassinate a person, it is acceptable to do so in another.

It may be acceptable for some of the American people, but it is still illegal and morally reprehensible. 

And that is not all.  They took it a step further.  As Gaddafi is to be charged with torture, they also had to clean up their hypocrisy in that arena.  That is why you have the propagandists coming out and saying that finding Bin Laden was a direct result of the torture conducted at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba under the direction of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.  Now the American people are supposed to say torture is good and acceptable because it resulted in getting Bin Laden. 

People remember, justice is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways.  So now when some country tortures one of our soldiers to get information they deem necessary to get someone the people in their country considers to be a bad guy; well you know what, we just have to accept it, because we have set the standard. 

This whole Bin Laden thing is nothing more than a smorgasbord of lies wherein the American people are expected to pick and choose whatever elements it takes to justify illegal invasion, executive ordered murder, and torture as acceptable to them as individuals.

God let the people see they are selling their souls.

13 thoughts on “Gaddafi, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld – All War Criminals

  1. I can live in two different worlds, one where Bin Laden is still alive and commiting mass acts of genocide on innocents, or one where he isn’t doing that. Call me crazy for choosing the latter?

    1. hey will i have been saying this for the last 9 years these fuckers have no one govering them there rich with power the whole bush family are a bunch of criminals and there good friends cheney and rumsfeld where are they now living high on the hog laughing at all of us the bush leaves office and gets a free 2 million dollar addition put on his estate guess who paid for that the tax payers.the bush family is cornering the fresh water stock with t bone pickens and dealing with china behind are backspretty soon were going to be fighting over water thought i let you know that there is no hope for us until someone start the revolution i would love to start one but two many people are scared the goverment has big plans for us i believe they are going to drop a plague on us or round us up and put us in concentration camps.people like me that speak out there going to come for us first the conspiracy’s are all abought to come to truth another crash is coming you have any money get it out of the bank because there going to take it and say deal with it goodluck fellow 99ers

      1. Over my dead body, brother. I fought for my countrymen 43 years ago, and I’ll do it again.

        1. hey clark i have a good friend who’s 81 now fought in korea and the goverment doesn’t help he barely surviving on his pension i talk to him once a week he moved down to virginia figuring he would get the help veterans administration and they tell him to wait in line it’s really sad i think abought my grandfather who fought in world war 2 and my own father that was in veitnam they both got shit but mental anguish because of that i never enlisted i will fight on my own soil but not on someone elses i really hope there treating you right and i hope you fared well lets hope china doesn’t invade us they could take us out in a minute and the reason i say that any thing happens in this country it’s lacks a dazy abought any thing on this continent

          1. We could nuke China for a week, and probably still not kill all of them. Let’
            s hope it never comes to that. War sucks !

          2. i here you if you think abought if they didn’t keep all are service men in war unemployment would be 10 times worse that’s the sad reality that is whats kept this world going war war without it we would be bored

          3. I appreciate your smart comments really. But the twits who commented against this article probably aren’t smart enough to understand what you’re trying to say.

          4. handle i know my comments maybe off the wall after my last three years of hell and seeing all the wrongs get rewarded and the people that do right get punished im beyong angry with this country speaking for myself i feel alone in my thoughts i have to vent and hope some of you are aware of the horrors to come lost it all.i cant even get a job in the supermarket it’s pathetic been an electrician for twenty years no work and no i know my ramblings may stray away from the actual title

  2. I truely believe that Bushes (the whole family), Chaney and the rest of that administration should go on trial for their crimes. They lived as criminals, protected by the powerful. I have watched these people and others like them closely since I was a young Airman during Vietnam War.
    Growing up, like many Americans, I watched many of my family members suffer from their service from the First World War through Vietnam. Some wounded mentally, and phically. Then be victumized by corrupt politicians. My family and I never believed in America right or wrong. You can never make the world a better place I serving evil. I truely love my country for the goodness that I have seen and lived with. But I am ashamed of the Evil I have seen done by some of our leaders.

    Now I am watching our country descend into the caos of self destruction that so many civilizations suffered. I see only one solution to this situation, and that is – each person must struggle to become the best person they can become. I belive you have to ask yourself what is the best a person can be, then spend your life trying to become that. Ulitmately, Truth, Justicce, Mercy, Kindlyness towards each other is our only hope – the world’s only hope. This along with the ability to think for yourself is paramount.We have to visualize the best of these virtues and struggle to become that. Along with learning the skills of consultatuon and listening without self projection.
    Americans and the peoples of the world need to become the seekers of absolute truth.
    American Horse

  3. Obama is following international law. The US is the Zionist world police man. International law is an oxymoron.

  4. Every U.S. serviceman and woman takes an oath at enlistment to protect the United States Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Why then were Blackwater criminals able to go around shooting innocent people after the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans just because they refuse to give up their firearms. There was no law passed to to support what they were doing and the local Police went around on their own accord and tried rounding up citizen’s legal firearms and either shooting or abusing ferociously anyone that resisted. Why are they not in prison as well as their superiors? Why didn’t National Guard round them up or stop them as per their sworn duty? Why was former president Bush allowed to literally wipe his ass with the U.S. Constitution (eg Patriot act and Patriot act B) and no one stepped up then or since to do their duty and arrest him? Why are Cheney, Rumsfeld and their Titan, CACI, Hallibuton/KBR and Blackwater ex-military cronies still making millions in Iraq committing heinous crimes against the civilian population? This is dereliction of duty since you took an oath. Is it that your oath is selective? These guys have murdered millions using so many means it’s nuts and most of them are non-combatants. They actually create combatants by design by killing civilians which is actually the goal so they can continue with a war on terror in our blind eyes while they continue operation “Control the oil before China or Russia does”. Next crime….invade Iran! They must have WMDs too right? Just watch Fox News………..that’s sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.

    1. FYI: My previous reply is a passionate expression of my opinion only. My apologies for ranting. Godbless.

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