The Truth Behind the Osama Bin Laden Photos

President Obama is now refusing to release the photos of the dead Osama Bin Laden, using as an excuse that the release might cause an increase in violence in Afghanistan.  What an assertion, saying violence might increase in a war zone and that danger to our troops might heighten.  We know he does not care about our soldiers or he would not have them in Afghanistan fighting a phony war being perpetrated for nothing more than money.

The mainstream propagandists are now labeling those who believe Sunday night’s raid in Pakistan was a staged event as “Deathers” using a play on the slang “Birthers” who do not believe Obama was born in the United States, and “Truthers” who believe our government was involved in 9/11. 

The issue has been so clouded that the true problem the photos might present is not getting through.  The question is not, “Is Bin Laden dead?”, as the majority believes he is.  The question is when did he die?  Osama Bin Laden has been reported as dead nine times over the past ten years.  The first time was in 2001 and I believe that is when he was killed.

So what do I think happened in Pakistan last Sunday?  Well I believe Osama’s nineteen-year-old son was living in that highly secured mansion with his mother and siblings, and probably a couple of body guards.  Those who participated in the black-op came into the compound, killed two body guards, who were armed as body guards tend to be, then went into the house and shot Bin Laden’s nineteen-year-old son down in cold blood.  After which his mother came screaming toward the body of her dead son and was promptly shot in the leg.  All of this of course occurred right in front of the smaller children, the youngest around the age of 12. 

This is another reason I believe Bin Laden was killed in 2001.  Arab men, especially rich ones, tend to have children right up until they can’t anymore.  Therefore I believe the fact that he has no children that were born after 2001 strongly indicates that he was not around to father any.

I believe this whole event in Pakistan was perpetrated for no other reason than to set the stage for the presentation of yet another lie. 

This phony pictures will come out like Obama’s phony birth certificate did, that is at a moment of opportunity. 

I’m going to tell you people a little secret.  Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is not a king or a dictator.  He told members of Congress they could not see the photos without him having any authority to do so.  And he now is dictating that we the American people, who probably paid a million dollars to our best counterfeiters to create these photos, are not going to be allowed to see them.  We own these photographs and who is this man Obama, if he is even one of our fellow citizens, to tell us what we will or will not see? 

Think about it this way.  The phony photos going around on the net that the Congress persons believe to be real would have to cause as much trouble as any real photos.  Remember, it is the photographs, not who took them or even if they are real.  Like the cartoon that insulted Muhammad, it is not the imagery but the message behind it.  And the message here is clear.  The phony photographs will be brought forth when it is politically advantageous to do so, just like the phony birth certificate was.

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  1. ” Truthers “, ” Birthers “, ” Deathers “. I guess that pretty soon they’ll be calling 99ers ” Slackers “. This whole hit on Bin Laden is a bald faced lie to give Barry a temporary bump in the polls and to distract the American people. They’ve changed the story of how it happened about as many times as he’s been reported dead. You are so right , Henry. This guy is not a king or dictator He’s a fraud, and he has no right telling us we cannot see the picture that will be proof they say happened Sunday, did happen Sunday. HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS SHIT ?!!

    1. it’s a another scam just like when they killed the number2 guy like 10 times the media sucks and the fact we gave that shithole pakistan 4 million dollars to find him and they knew where he was the whole time well that was one of bushes buddy’s and obama is a piece of crap he is just another puppet

  2. Read all the blogs around that Obama choked and it was Panetta that ordered the strike. It appears Vallerie Jarrett & Obama choked and the military pulled a coup on the WH by killing OBL. Another version of what might have/could have happened.????????????????????

  3. This particular conspiracy theory certainly is plausible and I rule nothing out. I personally wish I had more facts before deciding for myself. I do however like your assumptions Henry!

    My only objection is; why would Obama let a perfectly good “dog & pony” show go to waste so early before the 2012 elections? Could he have a bigger dog & pony for us come late December?

  4. what a pile this boy pres is. GIVE us the pix. They are ours!!!!! not yours. ASSHOLE

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