Gas prices remain stable in spite of record low prices for crude oil of which there is a glut

Donald Trump, the King of the Jews, Head CEO of the United States Corporate Aristocracy, is handing over billions of dollars to his filthy rich buddies in the oil industry.

Oil has gone as low as $14 per barrel, yet here in the corporate fiefdom of Rod Wendt, where demand is through the basement due to the unlawful house arrest of the Oregon nationals by the communist Kate Brown, the price for a gallon of gas is still $2.39 a gallon, as that low life forked tongue jew ass sucking lying piece of shit tries to preach to me about the pooooor oil companies and saying gas is down to $0.85 a gallon.

You are a treasonous international criminal, you son of a bitch.  You have violated the ratified law of we the people (The Bill of Rights) to the point of treason and sedition.  May you meet justice in a common law court at the earliest possible moment.

Now go bail out some more of your filthy f-king rich international brethren to make sure their record profits go uninterrupted as you unlawfully transfer the wealth of this country from the American nationals to your Zionist masters.

Rot in hell traitor.

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