Gerald Celente-New World Disorder Smackdown-How We Take Back America

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Trends Guru and forecaster extraordinaire Gerald Celente joins Sheila Zilinsky the Weekend Vigilante on his plan for a one-two punch to the globalist agenda and we take back the greatest country in the world.

The collapse of the dollar has already begun. Russia and China are already trading oil in other currencies.

The low interest rates in the U.S. and more money printing can not end well. Countries around the world are looking for a safe haven to enter as they escape from the U.S. Dollar.

The perfect storm.

4 thoughts on “Gerald Celente-New World Disorder Smackdown-How We Take Back America

  1. Gerald Celente is slowly losing my interest and leaning towards a traitor in my book. He calls for Direct Democracy in order to restore the Constitution when our Constitution is NOT a Democracy but a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and the call for a democracy is treasonous and seditious in itself. What twisted piece of shit, he is.

    In addition that, the idiot is calling for an “Occupy Peace Movement” during the next presidential election (which means for some reason he still believes there will even be another presidential election) to tell the government who he even knows is corrupt and beyond repair to stop what they are doing and to handle things “peacefully”. (See the 16:35 mark)

    Yes, Gerald, because “peaceful protest” and “Occupy Movements” have worked so well for us in the past, you idiot! Yes, let’s continue with this insanity. Let’s do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Let’s follow the AJ plan which is to handle things peacefully. Tell that to the people at Bundy Ranch. Tell that to the people who get tased and pepper sprayed. Tell that to the innocent people who’s lives were taken away for no reason. Tell that to an insane Zionist/Communist government that is hell bent on destroying this country and you want to gather and sing kumbayah in a peace movement?

    GO F**K YOURSELF, GERALD! I’ve had it with you. You’re nothing but another charlatan cashing in on the crisis. If you’re not willing to call on the militia and fight after all that’s been going on, then you’re gonna find yourself in a ditch somewhere with a Communist bullet at the back of your head because these Communist bastards are gonna show no mercy to you or anyone else.

  2. interesting NC and fantastic..before I read these comments I just told my son exactly ” I am, losing interest in Celente” son said “yeah, he is a dueschbag”..then I said “well he makes alot of money forecast trending, but at the same time, what celente says now, we already know” ..preaching to the choir…kinda getting sick of AJ too, but he does bring some good info.
    To be honest, I am kinda stuck on the Hagmann and Hagmann report now.
    I guess we grow…I started off many years ago with friggin Glenn Beck..Dont tell anyone tho, its embarrassing 🙂

    1. Yea, don’t feel bad. I too, fell for the AJ scam as he was the first person to actually wake me out of the matrix until I dug deeper for myself and then came to this site and found out about the Zionist scheme. From that point on, AJ’s fraud was quickly noticeable and all the answers to the missing gaps, easily fell into place.

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