Germany’s new amendment: recognize ‘Israel’ in exchange of citizenship

By Al Mayadeen

The initiative is spearheaded by the German government to address concerns over alleged increasing antisemitism.

CNN reported on Thursday that Germany has implemented new citizenship requirements as of today.

Applicants seeking naturalization will now be coerced to affirm “Israel’s” right to exist in exchange for acquiring a German nationality.

The German government spearheads the initiative to address concerns over alleged increasing antisemitism.

It introduces additional questions into the naturalization exam, covering topics such as antisemitism, Israeli sovereignty, and Jewish life within Germany.

The legislative change follows heightened debate sparked by Germany’s support for “Israel” in its genocidal campaign on Gaza.

In the midst of pro-Palestine protests, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other officials have previously affirmed that “Israel’s” security is a matter of national interest for Germany.

Critics say that these measures may suppress freedoms of speech and assembly, particularly impacting Germany’s sizable Palestinian community, estimated at 300,000.

This demographic, the largest in Europe, has expressed feeling marginalized amid Middle East tensions.

The nationwide implementation follows a precedent set by Saxony-Anhalt, which earlier required recognition of “Israel’s” right to exist for citizenship applicants.

Supported by various parties in the Bundestag, the reform also accelerates the naturalization process for “well-integrated residents”, reducing the qualifying period from eight to five years.

Germany is among several Western states that have adopted the highly controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

Critics argue that the reported increase in anti-Semitism is misleading, attributing it largely to the adoption of the IHRA definition, which conflates legitimate criticism of “Israel” and Zionism with anti-Jewish hatred.

Germany faces lawsuit at ICJ

It is worth recalling that Germany is currently being sued by Nicaragua at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) due to Berlin’s complicity in the Gaza genocide.

Nicaragua stated that Germany is violating the 1948 Genocide Convention by aiding “Israel” militarily and financially, in addition to suspending funding to UNRWA.

Nicaragua asserted that Germany’s arms transfers to “Israel” gave reason to make it complicit in the war crimes, as it asked the ICJ to issue emergency orders against it.

In response, Berlin considers Nicaragua’s lawsuit against Germany with the ICJ accusing it of complicity in genocide in Gaza “unjustified” and rejects the accusation, German cabinet spokesperson Wolfgang Buechner said on Monday.

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