Global Reckoning Coming: Australian Court Rules Employers Who Mandated Covid Jabs Liable For Injuries

By Baxter Dmitry – The People’s Voice

Employers who mandated their staff to take Covid-19 vaccines and boosters can be held liable for injuries caused by the experimental vaccines, according to a bombshell ruling by the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

The ruling means that employers can no longer claim they are protected from liability because they were complying with a lawful government directive.

A global reckoning is coming and the governments and employers whose cowardly vaccine mandates caused millions of deaths and injuries are going to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

LifeSite report: Youth support worker Daniel Shepherd secured a victory in his appeal against the state of South Australia, which initially denied his compensation claim for vaccine-induced pericarditis. This heart condition resulted from a mandated third dose of COVID-19 vaccine imposed by his employer, the Department of Child Protection (DCP).

While the DCP acknowledged that the vaccine caused the pericarditis, they argued that it did not stem from employment but rather from a lawful State Government vaccination directive. The tribunal disagreed, emphasizing that the injury arose from both the government’s vaccination mandate and the applicant’s employment.

According to the tribunal, employment doesn’t need to be the sole or most significant cause; it only needs to be a significant contributing factor to qualify as a work injury. This implies that employers can’t evade responsibility by shifting blame.

As a consequence, Shepherd is now incapacitated and unable to perform regular duties, reflecting a sadly familiar narrative in the Australian workforce subjected to stringent vaccine mandates. These mandates left many hesitant workers facing the tough choice between their health and their livelihood.

Shepherd had adverse reactions after his first two inoculations and was hesitant to take the risk of a third dose. However, his supervisor mandated the third jab within four months of the second as a condition of his employment.

Shepherd complied, but a day later began to experience severe chest pains. For two weeks, the pains got worse until eventually they became unbearable. He likened it to someone kneeling on his chest.

Ultimately, he was taken by ambulance to the Ashford Hospital cardiac unit where cardiologists told him that he had pericarditis, related to his third COVID jab.

It comes as no surprise that employers have been exposed to legal risks. State governments passed off enforcement of the mandates to managers in work places, threatening them with harsh financial penalties if they did not comply.

This had the effect of dividing the work place into those who were willing to comply with taking an experimental drug, which has since been shown to be dangerous and ineffective, and those who were punished or fired for wanting to make their own health decisions.

It also put employers into the position of overseeing health decisions, for which they usually had no training.

Shepherd followed the mandate but, a day later, started experiencing severe chest pains. Over two weeks, the pains worsened until they became unbearable, feeling like someone kneeling on his chest. He was eventually taken to Ashford Hospital’s cardiac unit by ambulance, where cardiologists linked his pericarditis to the third COVID jab.

Employers faced legal risks as state governments delegated mandate enforcement to workplace managers, threatening them with severe financial penalties for non-compliance.

This division in the workplace led to a split between those willing to comply with an experimental and now proven dangerous and ineffective drug and those facing punishment or dismissal for wanting control over their health decisions.

It also placed employers in the unfamiliar role of overseeing health choices without proper training.

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