Global Warming causes Global Famine?

World population is growing by about 80 million people per year.  We are now at 7 billion and counting.  The U.N. estimates that we may reach 9 billion by 2045.  At present there are 1 billion people in the world without enough food to eat.  The situation is not being described as one in lacking space it is rather being described as a situation involving our ability to produce enough food to feed everyone.

Some experts are citing global warming and CO2 emmissions as the largest barrier to producing sufficient levels of food to support the population, which I do not quite understand.  I have in fact conducted experiments in an effort to explore the hypothesis.

I took two cloned tomato plants, identical in every way.  One I placed in a greenhouse wherein I added increased CO2.  The other I put outside in the snow.  As I have always been one to believe in government sponsored studies, you can imagine my surprise when I found that the plant I had put out in the snow had died overnight while the one I had in the hot house with increase CO2 seemed to be thriving.

I could not believe the results.  So I redid the experiment.  This time I added a third plant as a control.  This one I put in the windowsill under normal CO2 levels.  Again to my amazement, the one outside was dead, the one in the windowsill seemed pretty much normal, but the one suffering from the increased heat and CO2 was noticeably superior.

I thought about sending the results of my study to the Department of Agriculture but was disappointed to find out that that agency will not consider any study that did not cost at least a million dollars.

This whole situation has left me wondering.  Could this whole greenhouse gas, global warming situation be just another scheme designed to procure wealth?  But how could you possibly make money from global warming?  Well there is the Kyoto Treaty which would control greenhouse gas emissions through a carbon credit system, which if ran by unsavory characters, could be used to manipulate economies to the benefit of one economy through the failure of another.

And how would they do that?  Well I guess they could call some economies, oh like China, emerging economies and exempt them from the tax.  As countries like, oh say the United States, would have to pay huge carbon taxes, their products would naturally cost more to produce than those in China, making cheap Chinese goods even cheaper than goods produced in the United States.

But oh, what am I doing?  I have got to stop over analyzing this.  There are people starving, don’t you know, and more on the way.  So I guess we had better just accept what the government tells us and stop complaining before we all starve to death.  Let’s face it, how are we ever going to accomplish anything if we go around thinking about things before we act?  After all the whole thinking thing is so unnecessary, I mean, that is what we have governments for, right.

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