Goldfinger with a Twist – Starring General Betray-Us

The mainstream propaganda machine, in an all out effort to put the fraudulent 2012 election as far in the past as they can, as fast as they can, has now turned to the ultra soap opera, As the World Turns Rome Burns and the United States Plunges off the Fiscal Cliff, using scenes right out of Peyton Place.  We have affairs and scandals right up into the highest echelons of the socialist insurgent elite.  And yes, it would seem General Petraeus has betrayed us.

Was it the CIA/Mossad hit in Benghazi or the cover-up thereof?  No, it was something much more devious.  This act comes right out of the Clinton Chronicles.  In an attempt to find out what “is” is, we have learned that US CIA Director General Petraeus has been playing stinky finger with a Washington DC socialite, which has the whole nation wondering, does he smoke cigars?

Hey, why not?  It worked before.  Clinton got busted selling ICBM guidance systems to the Chinese and was promptly impeached for playing Hide the Cigar with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office.  And of course he was allowed to finish serving out his term.  Why?  Because lying about a little hanky panky isn’t really that big of a deal.

Of course the Chinese still got our guidance systems and as a result are now capable of placing an intercontinental ballistic missile anywhere in the United States they please, buy why squabble over the details?

When Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi, Libya, here in the Trenches it was like, “Yawn, another international mob hit, another day”, as we have grown numb to international intrigue.  Of course there is no doubt there were many acts of treason involved in the incident, any one of which should have sent the perpetrators straight to the gallows, but that would require the United States to be a nation of laws, which we are not.

How about this?  Why don’t you sleazy, back stabbing, treasonous, international, elitist scum bags do us all a favor and just cut the horse shit?  Take the money you are spending on this production of Double 0 Stinky Finger, buy some generators and food, and take them to those Americans suffering in New Jersey and New York?

Your days are numbered and there are about 40 million of us counting them off as you are reading this.  Damn each and every one of you to the hottest part of hell for the pain and suffering you have caused via your insatiable need to feed your gluttonous greed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Goldfinger with a Twist – Starring General Betray-Us

  1. When the propaganda machine is in full swing like we see with this story I always wonder what’s out there in the media world they are trying to keep hush hush. Could it be there are trying to steer attention away from the fraud, I’m sorry the “election” or is there another story out there they are trying to bury? I see my local news stations laughing over the petition to succeed but nowhere on the national propaganda stations. Many of us know that the dictator will not allow any state to succeed but it is interesting to see this develop. Could this also be something the elites are allowing as to cause civil unrest. We are only one false-flag attack away from martial law, or so I believe anyways. What better way for martial law to come to fruition then a civil war? All I know is when something like this “As the World Turns” drama takes place you can be certain that something out there is being buried.

    1. I definitely agree with you, Kevin. Just look at how they hyped up and used the John Edwards scandal/Trial as as a diversion during the Bilderberg Meeting this past year. We all know they are using this scandal to hide something that they did or someone else did. And if people think they are using it as a diversion to keep people from talking about the election fraud, I highly doubt that. Everyone knows by now that the election was clearly fraudulent even in the primaries. It has to be something bigger than that that they are hiding. This secession thing is not it either. Both of those stories are too exposed. It has to be something that needs to be kept in the dark. I just wish we knew what it was. Maybe it does have something to do with the Benghazi conspiracy/incident or maybe it is something else. I don’t know, but when stories like this come out, you can bet something else that’s big is happening or trying to be buried alive.

      1. I think what they are trying to hide is a currency reset – the dollar is toast and something very big is going to happen on the currency front.

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