Was the Mysterious Explosion in Indianapolis a Drone Strike?

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Last Saturday evening, two Indianapolis homes exploded, killing two people and damaging 18 neighboring structures. At first, authorities suggested that it was caused by a gas leak or faulty furnace. However, overhead photos of the blast show devastation that looks much more like a bombing. According to CBS News, expert testimony suggests that a furnace could not cause this type of devastation. Also, Chicagoist is reporting that Citizens Energy has performed an investigation looking for gas leaks, and none could be found.

Federal officials were on the scene quickly. They took over the case and shut down the perimeter to outsiders. Though initial statements by government officials suggested a gas leak, law enforcers are treating the blast as a crime scene. Could it be possible that this explosion was caused by a drone strike? Let’s consider that theory.

Drone Strikes Are Silent, Mysterious, and Deadly

All over nations like Pakistan and Yemen, people wake up in the middle of the night to find their neighborhoods destroyed by unexpected explosions. The CIA never formally admits to carrying out these strikes, but everyone knows who is responsible. Drones fly very far overhead, such that they can’t be detected by those on the ground.

Civilian casualties are an accepted part of US policy regarding drone strikes, allegedly justified by the boogeyman status of the primary target. Could it be possible that someone in the US was considered such a high-value terrorist target that the CIA decided to conduct one of these strikes on US soil? Could a foreign nation have started carrying out their own drone campaigns and found someone writing blogs critical of their policy in the US? Though it’s too early to tell at this point, it’s certainly possible and in some ways plausible.

What Happens If We Find Out a Drone Strike Occurred on US Soil?

The only real fact specifically known about the cause of the Indianapolis blast at this point is that no one knows why it happened. Though it is possible that a drone strike caused the blast, the probability is fairly small. However, given the fact that the government now claims the ability to detain or kill US citizens without a trial if they are suspected of terrorism, it would not be surprising for a drone strike to happen on US soil at some point.

What happens if we wake up one morning to find out that a neighborhood was destroyed in an attempt to take out an allegedly high-profile terrorist target? What happens if innocent people including women and children are hurt or killed in the blast? Most Americans will find this potentiality far-fetched, but people in Pakistan and Yemen are living out this reality every day.

Whether or not this blast was caused by a drone strike, the rumors allow us to put our own drone campaign into perspective. For families in Pakistan and Yemen, these explosions happen all the time, and, not because of gas leaks, but because of missiles fired by Predator drones.

The Indianapolis explosion was likely caused by foul play of some kind. The explosion was too large to be a mere gas leak or furnace malfunction. However, it could have been caused by a variety of types of foul play, all of which are reasonable theories at this point. The main aspect that points to a drone strike is the fact that no one can tell what caused the explosion, as drones move silently, miles above their targets. That said, further forensic analysis must take place before it will be clear as to what exactly caused the explosion.

If it were a drone strike, it would probably be covered up after the fact. Also, unless the person who conducted the strike were to come forward to officials on the ground, it may never occur to them to consider that possibility during the investigation. Regardless, further data from the investigation will doubtlessly leak to the public over the coming days, and that will paint a clearer picture as to what happened.


22 thoughts on “Was the Mysterious Explosion in Indianapolis a Drone Strike?

  1. The fellow killed in this “explosion” was working on some powerful technology that the government didn’t have control over.So,I could see our greedy government taking matters into their own greedy hands.

    1. “Federal officials were on the scene quickly”–This is your first clue. Note the response time by feds after Sandy. The fastest response ever by FEMA was on 911, when the showed up a day early. Oops. The next thing to find out is the names of those eliminated and why they might need to be offed.

      1. It was on the other post on this site.I don’t have the link handy.The fellow was involved in some high tech new wave computer hardware.

      2. If I remember the article correctly…something about RF or Infrared technology, and low-frequency something-or-other. Supposedly very high tech.
        Funny how THAT story almost disappeared too.

        ~Blessed Be to all~

  2. Would not surprise me a newly classified drone deployable weapon being tested on U.S. soil. This Criminal Government NEEDS a boogie man to instill FEAR & TERROR in the masses in order to maintain control. The targeting reasons are probably left up to the discretion of the O-bummer Assassination Squad.

    What will we do if this atrocity is happening on U.S. soil? We have allowed LEO to execute citizens in the streets. We have allowed the criminal run Justice System to seize our property for Banking & Wall Street Cartels and imprison us. We have allowed our children to be indoctrinated in the most Evil ways known to man. We have allowed our Government to be infiltrated with Zioturds & “Special Interests”. The list of what WE allowed is nearly endless. We allowed our Freedoms & Liberty to be compromised for SECURITY.

    What are we going to do? Most will do NOTHING! A few will make a Courageous Last Stand. Me? I’ll do my best with those few. I’d rather be counted among the dead Patriots than to be counted as a meek whimpering slave whose only work is self-preservation & servitude.

  3. how is an explosion, presumably a matter for local and state law, of interest to federal people? it’s not. that feds are involved says a lot…

    1. The Feds just want to take over every crime scene these days because they are trying to justify Terrorism for everything no matter how minute because they need it to keep their war on terror and fear propaganda going. It’s pathetic. However, I think a drone strike is actually not out of the question in this incident.

  4. “Federal officials were on the scene quickly. They took over the case and shut down the perimeter to outsiders.”

    Wow. Just like the Aurora, Colorado shooting. Feds show up just minutes before to conveniently plant evidence or get rid of the evidence to cover up their tracks.

    In the TV show, “Nikita”, they are conveniently called, “Cleaners”. The name clearly fits.

  5. “Citizens Energy Spokesperson Sarah Holsapple confirms that Citizens Energy Group has found no leaks in the gas main or individual gas lines that feed homes in the area where the blast occurred”

  6. A friend of mine who is a law professor in Ohio tells me that the NTSB is charged by statute with the prompt investigation of explosions from leaks in gas lines. I don’t have a statutory citation for that. He assures me that these occur maybe a half-dozen times a year; that NTSB has a quick-response team that investigates; that their reports, being admissible in court, often lead to speedy settlements in lawsuits resulting from such explosions; and that if an explosion is found to have resulted not from a leak in the utility’s gas line, but some defect for which the public utility is not responsible (I presume that includes the homeowner’s boiler) it’s turned over to local authorities. While I don’t see at first blush why this should be a matter for the National Transportation Safety Board, my friend (who takes huge pleasure in debunking my “conspiracy” posts on Facebook) is a pretty dogged researcher, and assures me that it’s so. So, while it would not surprise me if people are already being “taken out” domestically by killer drones, the fact that there was an explosion followed by a quick federal presence may not, of itself, be remarkable.

    1. A boiler sized to heat a house like that would not be capable of that kind of damage.It may have enough power to collapse a side wall.Boilers would be in the basement and those basements were built with concrete walls to support the second story and steep pitch roofs.No way in hell can a boiler for a house that size destroy so much.

  7. This was a natural gas explosion. The home that exploded had a faulty furnace. It’s possible there was a massive gas leak that is being covered up. Citizen Energy is the name of the gas company. If they forgot to add the chemicals to the natural gas for smell, and there was a leak, and an explosion, it’s that gas companies fault and they would be on the hook for millions of dollars. No drone strikes, not bombs, no space weapons. There is a long history of natural gas explosions. http://www.naturalgaswatch.org/?cat=8 One that killed 300 kids decades ago. I witnessed one myself in Onatrio NY in 1992 and the gas comany tried to make out there was no gas…There was. It was reported months before hand and they never fixed the leak.

    The pic looks just like a natural gas explosion WITH a fire. Surprise, a fire would burn the buildings. Natural gas is heavy, it settles in the basement and in the soil around the home.

    The house that exploded had a faulty furnace and the couple was NOT HOME at the time. The pair that died were next to the house that exploded. The notion of drone strikes and space weapons just jumps the shark entirly.

    If the gas company had a leak OR forgot to put the chemical into the natural gas to alert you to a problem they are at fault and would have ample reason for a cover up. This could cost the gas company millions.

    1. If it was a gas leak or a faulty furnace, MSM wouldn’t have the story so far in it’s anal cavity so as to be almost non-existent. They’d be alllllll over it.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  8. I’m not going to draw any conclusions… but that explosion pattern looks EERILY like the pattern from the explosion of the water tower in Virginia from the Star Wars ‘laser’ in the 80’s.
    First thing that came to my mind when I saw the pic for the first time.
    Didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna come-off as REALLY stretching. But I feel it needs to be said. It’s wayyy too similar IMHO.

    It’s SOMETHING critical….MSM has all but thrown the story to the obituaries, and NOTHING is coming from the federal authorities(ATF, DHS) that have been there since 6-8 hours of occurrence.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  9. I would like to know the ‘time’ of the explosion. IF it was at 11pm, then I heard the explosion 8.3 miles to the south. IF it was at 11:10pm, then I heard something fly over my house at 11pm which I thought was from the military base to the south of my home.

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