Guess who doesn’t get radar tickets in Colorado? Politicians

C-Net – by Chris Matyszczyk

A politician’s life often seems rather pleasant.

Yes, people tend to abuse you to your face. But there are hidden perks that surely make you feel a little like Nero, before Rome caught fire.  

State senators and representatives in Colorado, for example, enjoy a little wheeze that surely saves them pocketfuls of change.

For, should they be caught by a photo radar device, speeding their way merrily down the freeway, they won’t get a citation.

“How can this be?” you might mutter. Well, in Colorado, these politicians have special license plates. It’s not enough for them to ride around in fancy cars. They have to be identified immediately as men and women of the people.

Yet, as CBS4 in Denver reports, these license plates don’t appear in the DMV database.

Which means that these Colorado politicians can ferry their lovers, legal or not, at every possible speed, legal or not.

The loophole is almost charming. These plates are attached to a human being, not to a car. Such a concept doesn’t fit in the DMV system.

This whole miasma only emerged when Evonne Estis began to get tickets for indiscretions that she knew weren’t hers.

However, she has the vanity plate “33,” which happens to be the same number assigned to state Sen. Mike Johnston on his senatorial plate.

As an investigation began, it emerged that Johnston had been caught six times driving faster than the accepted norms.

However, offering a touching example for Congress, Johnston has taken responsibility. He told CBS 4: “I sent her a note when I apologized saying if she gets any photo radar tickets she should have them sent to me and I’ll be happy to pay them for her.”

Well, you’ll be paying them for you, senator, but we get your drift.

Naturally, now that the authorities have been informed of this little quirk, they are muttering about taking action.

In the meantime, should you be in Colorado and see a state senator or representative gunning it in their Mercedes, please do not give chase.

You know how slippery politicians can be.




2 thoughts on “Guess who doesn’t get radar tickets in Colorado? Politicians

  1. The plates are issued to a person but no record of them in the data base. Hang these pieces of sh!t. Im going to make my own plate. Its going to say abv-law.
    I cant wait for the gun pointed at my face that will surely ensue.

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