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David Broussard posted this below, what are your thoughts?

“‘Those who snooze lose!!!’ I went to a gun show in Roanoke Virginia and witnessed people purchasing rifle and pistol magazines with 100% mark up because they failed to plan ahead. In most cases people are purchasing rifles and pistols that they will not be able to purchase ammo for because there isn’t any available… and demand is in full effect in the gun world.”
Some comments we received:

Comment #1: Those of us who had extra for a rainy day, cashed in on a sunny day, to those same folks who can’t find ammo…

Comment #2: I played hell buying ammo for the ones I have just a couple weeks ago, the pickin’s were slim then, I can’t imagine what it’s like now.

Comment #3: I thought the same thing about everyone grabbing up the AR-15′s lately. If they don’t already have a stockpile of ammo, all they’ve done is invest in an expensive club. If I had waited until now to prepare I would be after a .22-250, .30-06 and a shotgun. There’s plenty of ammo out there for those weapons.

Comment #4: Look at gunbroker or similar sites. Gun prices have easily doubled. People are getting $400 for a ruger 10/22 that they can buy at dicks or walmart of $229. AK47s and AR15s have easily doubled. There are plenty out there, people are just panic buying right now.

Comment #5: After midnight dinner at Waffle House I stopped in Walmart and yep, all the popular ammo is gone. However, plenty of .270, 30-30, 30-06, .380, .22 (all types) and shotgun ammo. I walked out with 1500 rounds myself. 1400 rounds of .22 (LR, short, magnum) and the rest was 20 gauge slugs. Don’t laugh, it’s the only shotgun I have. People under estimate the .22 but I don’t. In a survival situation you have to consider portability. I have a pistol that utilizes both .22lr and magnum rounds, and my Henry uses .22l, lr and short rounds. I have the big guns, .45, 9mm amd even 500 S&W but I don’t plan on carrying all that much ammo for those as it is too bulky and too heavy. Those I will use for the escape and evade scenarios whereas the 5k plus rounds of various .22 will actually be used for the survival part of a SHTF scenario. Just something to think about.

Comment #6: Too many concentrate on buying a wide variety of exotic guns, but can’t afford to buy many bullets for them. Much better off with fewer guns and lots of ammo for them. Once you are out of bullets, the gun is nothing but an expensive club. Also smart to have multiple guns with the same caliber, once a gun breaks you have another you can use your bullets with.

11 thoughts on “Gun & ammo shortage

  1. I have a good amount of ammo but also the means to make it. I made
    molds for the bullets for my four guns and have about a 1/2 ton of
    lead to cast them. I made the crimping and tooling necessary to make
    all the brass I need in my shop. I have plenty of powder but can also
    make a passable black power from scratch. I have maybe 100,000
    primers but can also make those if need be. I’m stock piling factory
    ammo and commercial reloading supplies but being able to manufacture
    it yourself from materials that won’t be tracked or regulated as firearms
    related is key..

  2. His comment #5. He says don’t laugh about his stocking up on 20 guage slugs. I very well stocked for my 12’s but my daughter can’t handle them. So when the chance came I got a 20 guage 870 and she does fine with it.
    Not to mention 20 guage ammo is still relativly available.
    I was at a gun show yesterday, got there about a half hour early. Had a chance to talk with the organizers and they were telling me that every show in the past month has been a blockbuster! People are buying, families are going to the shows. About an hour later I was looking at a Springfield Armory XD45 (some of the reviews I had read complained about the large grip beingb clumsy, but overall good marks otherwise) I like the way it fits my big assed ham. I asked a guy and his lady what they were up to. I mentioned that I thought that the little .380 they were looking at was too small a caliber. It turns out they were looking for a small gun for her. The dealer is listening in and he steps down to the other end of his table picked up a small Walther 9mm. She loved it and as I left they were dealing.
    All in all, there seem to be a lot of people grabbing what they can get before the next Infringment commences. Most Ar’s etc were overly priced. There a collectors out there with some very nice select fire weapons for sale (YES!) but if thats what you are after, you best have deep pockets, the cheapest I saw was a M16 and that was just a bit over $11,000. and AK’s for around $15,000.

    1. I think digger was saying that any cop or leo will have ammo on them and if they come to my house I will definitely be leaving with a lot more ammo than what I started with!!! phuck tha police!!!

      1. Thankyou LEO Killa, you told Leo before I did. P.S…. @ Leo, Nothing personal, but I just do not like law enforcement officers at all. I know that Leo`s screen name is probobly just a screen name.

  3. Ammo is available. Just buy a bit at a time until you have a house full. I don’t think DHS has our buying power. Just another part of the family budget. “KYHDAYWO”-Cherokee for Keep Your Head Down and Your Weapon Operating.

  4. Glad I was stocked up long before this. Several calibers and several weapons in each caliber. LOTS of ammo. Bought an east block copy of a Russian pistol because it was cheap and fun to play with. Just have to wait out the ammo drought to get a couple of cases of ammo for it. Looks like it will be summer before inventories catch up.

  5. I just came from the firing range, and boy were they packed. Plenty of ammo for sale there. 9 mil. is almost impossible to find in the gun stores here, but they had cases of them on pallets, but they were sold out of hollw points. Plus they make their own reloads, and I hear they’re very high quality. Reasonably priced too, $125.00 for 500 rounds. .308 rounds were pretty high priced, though.

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