Gun-grabber has meltdown, flees public affairs forum in anger

When Coleman attacked Starrett, was he simply projecting?The Examiner – David Codrea

With all of the emotion that proposals to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms can generate, what started as a calculated insult against a gun rights proponent speaking at a forum in Oregon turned into an open display of anger and self-humiliation by a former Democrat statehouse candidate.

Lee Coleman fled the hall sputtering insults as he was being questioned by a laughing cameraman.

The event was a Washington County Public Affairs Forum held on Monday. The guest speaker was Kevin Starrett, executive director of Oregon Firearms Federation, and the tensions were created when Coleman, a forum member took to the microphone and turned things personal.

“You made a number of assertions about gun-grabbing and the so-called assault weapon ban as an attempt to grab back weapons already in the hands of people,” Coleman stated. “I would describe those as paranoid delusions. Have you consulted a psychiatrist on this?”

Starrett responded to Coleman’s insult explaining how confiscation has already happened in New York City. The facts are on his side. Per NRA-ILA:

In 1967, New York City passed an ordinance requiring a citizen to obtain a permit to own a rifle or shotgun, which would then be registered. Concerns over the potential use of those registration lists to confiscate guns in the future were dismissed as paranoia. In 1991, gun owners` legitimate fears were realized, when the city passed a ban on the private possession of some semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, despite the police commissioner`s testimony that no registered firearms of the types banned had been used in violent crimes in the city. New Yorkers who had been licensed earlier to possess semi-automatic rifles and shotguns were told that any licensed firearms that were covered by the ban had to be surrendered, rendered inoperable or taken out of the city. They were warned that they might be subject to “spot checks.”

He could have easily added California, and further proposals, again in New York and California, in Missouri, and even nationally, to include Dianne Feinstein’s recent “buy back” proposal as well as her notorious “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in” quote from years past.

“Now, if in your mind that’s a paranoid delusion, I don’t really think we have much left to talk about,” Starrett replied.

“That’s right,” an uncomfortably grinning Coleman replied, turning away and leaving the microphone, “we don’t have much left to talk about.”

“Let’s be civil,” a forum moderator warned. “I’m thinking as questions become more ad hominem they become less relevant to the debate.”

Attendees wanting to know more, one of them with a camera, questioned Coleman on his statement.

“You know, in the state of Missouri they’ve introduced a bill that would have actual forced confiscation,” an unidentifed off-camera individual told him.

“Well, I’m in favor of that,” Coleman replied, seemingly oblivious to the totally irrational contradiction such a position creates for someone ridiculing others for objecting to it.

“So is that a paranoid delusion that it’s an actual bill that’s been introduced?” the questioner persisted, as increasing discomfort began to register on Coleman’s face.

“Well, that’s Kansas or wherever it is,” Coleman backpedaled.

“Missouri,” his questioner corrected him.

“Same thing,” Coleman replied, turning away.

“But is that a paranoid delusion, now that it’s actually been introduced and that it actually is a piece of legislation now?” the questioner repeated himself.

“Look the a**hole was talking about congress and our president,” a visibly agitated Coleman shot back, “not Kansas … so, you know, go s*** yourself.”

Laughter immediately erupted as the now visibly shaken foiled agitator turned and walked out of the room.

“What did you say to me?” he was asked as the camera followed. “That’s not very civil, polite language there, sir.”

“Leave me alone!” Coleman responded angrily as he fled the facility.

Watch the entire hilarious exchange in the embedded video player. Times and the threats against the right to keep and bear arms are serious enough, leaving liberty activists little enough to smile about. It’s nice when our enemies give us something to laugh at, even if it’s simply their inability to conduct themselves, and in the case of some, even when their emotional immaturity and lack of self-control allows them to be almost effortlessly provoked into revealing their true, warped inner smallness.

2 thoughts on “Gun-grabber has meltdown, flees public affairs forum in anger

  1. They had one in their clutches. It’s too bad they let him get away. Doesn’t anyone bring rope to these gatherings?

    1. Wondering about puppets like Coleman. Are they being blackmailed? Promised trips to Israel or the Dominican Republic to cavort with underage prostitutes?

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