Guy Causes City Council to Erupt Over 2A Speech

Published on Aug 6, 2019

On April 3rd, 2018, resident Mark Robinson gave an impassioned speech at the Greensboro, NC, city council meeting in support of the Second Amendment. This speech is the best four minutes you’ll ever watch about how important gun rights are to the majority of American citizens.

3 thoughts on “Guy Causes City Council to Erupt Over 2A Speech

  1. I kept imagining Henry addressing that council and that it would have been totally different. Heck, it would have been totally different if I’d addressed it.

  2. I ain’t knowledgeable on all firearms. I know a pistol from a shotgun, but until this guy said so, I didn’t know an AR-15 was a semi-auto .22 caliber rifle. That is a major step from a BB gun, but as dude said, taking an AR into a war scenario would be suicide. It is not a weapon of war, just looks like it. Same as a Secret Sam toy gun.
    I got edumicated, a little. And, if he was my neighbor, he’d easily kick my ass for not mowing my lawn. Yikes!

    1. An AR-15 with a 20″ barrel can accomplish something most other guns can’t achieve… rip right through up to level 4 body armor.

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