74-year-old arrested in Pooler while changing his tire


(WJCL) – A man in Pooler says he was changing his tire July 8, when he was thrown to the ground and arrested for not showing officers his ID.

The man, 74-year-old Jack Shaw, now faces several charges including terrorism threats and aggravated assault on a police officer. And, he’s angry. 

“I want to see somebody go to jail,” said Shaw. “And I don’t mean some jail for cops. I mean a jail that I had to sit in. Eat the crap that I had to eat.”

It happened at the corner of Pooler Parkway and Blue Moon Crossing just before 2:30 that afternoon. Shaw passed Parkers and felt his tire go flat, so he backed down to the intersection and got out the jack.

He says he was trying to change the tire when a Pooler Police officer stopped and asked him for his ID. Shaw’s son Phillip says that was a violation of his father’s rights.

“You don’t have to ID unless there’s been an issue,” said Phillip Shaw. “Someone changing their tire, you don’t have to ID, but ok.”

The older Shaw says he finally gave the officer his passport card because, he says, she was being persistent.

“She looked at it, put it in her pocket, never ran it,” said Shaw.

Instead, he says she ran his license plate and mistook him for his 49-year-old son. A debate followed while he was holding a tire iron. He says he told her “why don’t you just shoot me?” The officer threatened to use her taser and called for back up.

“Seventy-four-years-old and have five cops jump on you? for what,” asked Phillip Shaw. “He was changing a tire.”

Shaw ended up on the ground in handcuffs in the grass on Pooler Parkway.

“You cannot sweep the legs out of a 74-year-old man because he’s not complying,” said Phillip Shaw.

He spent days in jail and is now awaiting his day in court to prove, he says, that he did nothing wrong. He adds that the department’s policy of asking for ID was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights against search and seizure

“Policy does not override the constitution,” said Jack Shaw. “The federal constitution is the law of the land.”

WJCL reached out to the Pooler Police department for a comment. They declined saying it’s an active case in the Chatham County courts.

After initial hearings, Shaw’s family says it was turned over to Superior Court, and they’re waiting to see if he’s indicted by a grand jury. His next court date has not been set.


3 thoughts on “74-year-old arrested in Pooler while changing his tire

  1. Seems to me a lot of this brutality is coming from female cops…whatsamatter, bitch, you can’t handle a real man anymore? Or are you a “tranny”?

  2. “Policy does not override the constitution,” said Jack Shaw. “The federal constitution is the law of the land.”

    Stupid sheeple.


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