Ham Radio Coverage of Bundy Situation

Sent to us from Ralph N1RAJ.

Amateur radios are licensed by the FCC and is a civilian emergency radio service.You must pass 2 easy test to get a licence. Most of the information to get started is at ARRL.org.

We are in contact with ham operators on the Bundy ranch. Most of the operators are running transceivers out their vehicles.  

I would highly recommend any patriot have their ham opp lic in hand as soon as possible.

The Eastern  Regional Patriot net(ERPN) has been on the air for 16 years. Many of us got a licence after the burning of children in Waco TX.

The ERPN has established 14.330 mhz usb as the frequency for the Bundy ranch.

We also meet on 3.860 mhz lsb at 9 pm est every night but sunday were we take a break and just meet and talk (rag chew).

I hope more of you will start work on getting your licence by studying the Tech question pool that can be found at ARRL.org. There are local groups in almost every corner of America that can help you and test you. The licence is federal but the test is done by Volunteer examiners in your local area.

Search Ham/Amateur radio groups in my area. It should get you were you need to be.

Good luck to all, hope to hear you on the bands 73s


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