Handy device for beer drinkers keeps your mustache dry between sips

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The proliferation of hipster culture and lumbersexuals means more guys seem to be rocking facial hair these days.

Now those beer-swigging mustachioed men no longer have to suffer the injustice of a wet ‘stache between sips.

Introducing the Whisker Dam, a handcrafted copper cuff “dressed with a timeless patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier” that fits on the edge of a standard pint glass to protect prized upper lip hair.  

The makers of Whisker Dam call it “an umbrella for your face” so it could be used as anti-milk mustache device or no-foam nose guard when sipping your latte.

Hipsters and breweries already seem to be onboard with the new device:

If you plan on purchasing the dam for your whiskered cutie, it’s $20.


27 thoughts on “Handy device for beer drinkers keeps your mustache dry between sips

  1. Had a full beard and mustache for 40 years, who cares if it gets wet with beer. Just gives you another taste later. What a bunch of panseys.

  2. Just thought i would post the article i thought it was funny…dont kill the messenger. I don’t drink now haven’t for yrs. but Ive drank enough beer and alchohol to float a battleship around in the past and I never worried about my mustache.

      1. Not crucifying you Swifty! 😀 Take no offense please! I know you posted it for ALL the right reasons .

      1. A moustache is God’s gift for aromatherapy. It retains the smell for hours so be thinking about that before your stick your nose into something where it don’t belong. I’m going to shut up now. Dammit, that didn’t come out the way I wanted. Oh, dammit, I better shut up again.

          1. Thank you for putting up with me Angel-NYC. Say hey to Randy for me. Hey, April 12, Riverside Grill in Durand, Wisconsin, all trenchers invited to hear me croon a few tunes during our 4th annual “Beatlemania” festival. That’s why I posted Undun earlier. We’re workin’ on it. J.D., I’ll throw you on the drums if, by chance and circumstance, your able to show. All trenchers welcome. (Yes, I know the Beatles didn’t do Undun but that is the theme.)

          2. What Fun! 🙂 Wish Hubby & I could be there. He says “Hi.” If someone videos it, please send it to me. 🙂
            Who’s Randy? LOL

          3. Dammit Angel-NYC, did I forget your husband’s name, I could have swore it was Randy. Is it Ralph? Richard? I know it starts with an “R”. I give up, sorry, apologize for me.

          4. Angel-NYC, I would love to meet you guys. I went down to check my river today and, yes, it’s MY river, and it sure looked beautiful. Back in the late 60’s early 70’s, Northern States power company used “Eminent domain” laws to steal thousands of acres in their quest to build a Nuclear Power Plant 15 miles up river from my hometown. Protests were staged on the site for weeks, My brother and I with our garage band at the time, made some screeching noise with primal drums on site at the proposed Tyrone Nuclear Power Plant. (We weren’t very good back then, just high school buddies drinking beer and emiting noise.) My father disapproved of our support for the people fighting against this plant stating, “do you know how many jobs this will bring to the area?” Thankfully, after years of protest, the power company threw the towel in my river remains unmolested. (On my river I also have MY island. Heaven on Earth!)

          5. You should see our river, Millard. South Santiam, a good fifty feet or so across, fairly deep.Five minutes from doorstep to riverbank (timed it).

            Chinooks start running in a couple weeks or so.

            WOOHOO!!!!! 😀

          6. #1, if I’m able to pull off a trip out there for some unfinished business, I’ll have my Abu Garcia fishing rod along and I’m gonna hold you to it. If things fall into place, I may be driving off into the sunset. (which is West by the way). I gotta take care of something in Gold Beach. In the meantime, the Chippewa river is my home and it has a long and storied history, part of the “Birthwaters” of the Mighty Mississippi. The water temperature is a little cold yet and the underwater cameras online haven’t shown the walleye starting their run yet. I’m thinking the week after Easter may be the ticket.

        1. The term is “Flavor Saver”, I believe, Millard.

          Also, no offense meant to you, Swifty. I was thinking more of the poofdahs who find the thought of a moustache impregnated with anything odoriforous to be an assault to them as forward thinking individuals in modern society.

          1. Been more sun than rain here lately, but we had some slushy hail yesterday, and some thunder & lightning last night. Hasn’t been too cold, though.

    1. Thanks Swifty:) Good post and indicative of America so I can totally see the relevancy. GD bunch of Nancy’s these days and why we’re at where we are!

  3. Dunno why the fuss. I just hold a cup under my beard to catch the runoff and drink again. (Scottish ancestry, ya know.)

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