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HANFORD: This Is What’s Inside the Collapsed Tunnel at PUREX Site, Earthquake Related?

Published on May 9, 2017 by DAHBOO77

In this video i take a look a few things connected to the recent tunnel collapse at the PUREX Hanford Site. There was a series of small earthquakes that struck right in the area on the 5th. If they never inspected this area of the property until today, this potentially could have caused the collapse. I also take a look at the layout of the tunnels an exactly what they have in the tunnel according to a permit. Stay Tuned for more!

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8 Responses to HANFORD: This Is What’s Inside the Collapsed Tunnel at PUREX Site, Earthquake Related?

  1. Patriot556 says:

    All is good. I work there, No contamination.

  2. Misty says:

    Never seen you one this site? Could be my bad….you work at the Purex Hanford Site? All info would be appreciated.

    • Patriot556 says:

      I work at AP farm. AP farm is next to Purex. My office window could view the train tunnel. I am on this website all the time every couple weeks. We were under a take cover event for 3 hours. Then they sent us all home. I have personal experience with this site and first hand knowledge. The Radiation Technicians I know all reported no levels of contamination above background. Background radiation comes from sunshine, radon (normal element), and any other normal decaying element.

  3. flee says:

    Well if it’s Purex…
    I would suggest bleaching it and opening it back up.

  4. Larry Krigbaum says:

    I see a flat roof covered with soft dirt. no wander it fell in.

  5. Worked There says:

    “Water tests and Geiger Counter readings”
    Greanpeace did this. At a certain spring, the radiation level in the water exceeded drinking water standards, but was less than Coor’s Beer (R).

    “Where is the steel liner?”

    That’s tunnel #2. It was tunnel #1 that failed, which no one (except perhaps DAHBOO77) ever supposed to have a metal liner. If you look at the drawing, you will see that the cross-section through tunnel #2 was well beyond the end of tunnel #1, where the failure occurred.

    “How often they do releases we do not know.”

    I absolutely LOVE arguments from ignorance.
    They do NOT “do releases.” The vent shafts have HEPA filtration. The purpose is to draw a negative pressure on the tunnel, so that there will be NO RELEASES.

    Whatever trenches DAHBOO77 is in, they must not be near Hanford.

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