Veteran arrested for killing dog in video found dead

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(CNN) — A former soldier facing felony animal abuse charges after police say she tied up, shot and killed her dog has been found dead.

Marinna Rollins’ body was found Sunday morning, officials said. Her death is being investigated as a suicide, the Fayetteville Police Department told CNN.  

Rollins, 23, was accused of tying up her dog, a gray-and-white male pit bull named Cami, and shooting it five times in the head while her boyfriend recorded the act. The disturbing video ended up on Facebook.

Cami was a registered emotional support dog that helped Rollins with PTSD. According to police, Rollins is heard talking to Cami and laughing as she shoots the dog.

“It’s been real Cami. I love you. You’re my puppy. You’re my puppy but …,” Rollins says in the video just before firing.

Rollins’ boyfriend, Jarren Heng, also shot the dog multiple times before the pair dumped the dog into a shallow grave, CNN affiliate WNCN reported.

Both Rollins and Heng were charged with felony animal cruelty.

Rollins was stationed at Fort Bragg, but she left the Army in January.

8 thoughts on “Veteran arrested for killing dog in video found dead

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it “cruelty” to shoot an animal in the head. That’s more like euthanasia to me.

    Even so, she didn’t have to kill that dog. If she didn’t want it, she could have just turned it over to a shelter so someone else could possibly adopt it. And the fact that she laughed about it shows that she was a sick piece of trash.

    With that in mind, R.I.P. to the dog, and good riddance to the stupid b!tch Rollins.

  2. Another AI article title screw up.
    It should read.
    “Dog Arrested For Killing Veteran In Video Found Dead.”

    I couldn’t control myself on that one.
    Please God forgive me.
    That was just fkng wrong.

  3. Sounds to me she was contemplating suicide and was taking her dog with her. She was happy that her dog would be there to meet her n the other side. I believe the boyfriend is sick as well as it appears he is helping her with her death wish. I think he needs to be under investigation as well. I think he knew exactly what she was thinking and why.

    1. That psychotic b**ch AND her scumbag laughed and tried to make a comical epitaph/eulogy before they EACH took turns shooting and laughing. Then casually threw the body into a shallow grave. These are the warrior heroes that eventually become warrior hero pigs at home. The dog actually belonged to her ex husband. She offed her worthless self because she got caught.

  4. I hope that bitch rots in hell for all eternity and the guys dance card is filled every night he does behind bars. Vile filth

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