25 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Trenches!

  1. I am thankful for the hard work Henry, Laura and anyone I may have not mentioned that makes FTTWR possible. I am also thankful for the Trenchers who prove to me there are other like-minded patriots in this once great Republic of ours, and that with strength, truth, knowledge and the fortitude to be willing to water the Tree, as we know within our hearts that is what it will take to reinstate our Bill of Rights.

    Death to the nwo. Long live the Republic. We will prevail!

    Happy turkey holocaust day everyone! Remember the 45 million turkeys!

  2. Dear Henry, Laura and trenchers,
    Happy Thanksgiving
    I truly appreciate all that you do and share.
    Thank you especially for Henry and Laura for all the time and work they do!
    You are a blessing in our lives!

  3. Thanksgiving turkey holocaust, that’s pretty funny stuff..

    I give thanks that we will stand against this evil sooner than later…

    GB all

  4. Hey Henry and Laura. Wheres the bacon for that naked bird?

    I am blessed to have found this family of American Nationals. The trenches is a truth telling place to be.
    God bless you Henry, Laura, and all trenchers out there. One day we will celebrate in total freedom, and liberty.


  5. Her name was Lydia Marie Child. The original was for grandfather’s house we go on Thanksgiving. The Mystic is the river because grandfather’s house is still there on Tufts University property recently restored in Medford Massachusetts. Now you know.

  6. Oops! Didn’t realize there were 2 up… replay…

    “Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Henry & Laura… & to all of my Trencher family.” 🙂

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