Have Americans Become too Cowardly to Save Themselves?

The New York Stock Exchange surged up yesterday on the news that the United States would be bailing out Greece’s and Italy’s central banks.  How much more money is to be borrowed in the names of our grandchildren to GIVE! to these foreign banks cannot even be ascertained at this point, but it will be billions if not trillions.  The grandchildren of the Germans were supposed to pay for this bailout but the German people said no.  So the responsibility for these banks in other countries of course naturally falls upon the people of the United States.

As previously mentioned the stock market has soared as the rich are already pocketing the money that hasn’t even been printed yet.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when those bastards were standing out in front of the stock exchange behind their wall of hired mercenaries (the police), saying they needed to get to work to feed their families?  Well today they are scooping up that wealth borrowed in the name of our grandchildren, who will be the indentured slaves to their grandchildren, who will fly around in private jets and travel to the islands they own on their yachts.

Of course as the stock market went up, so did the price of food and energy.  This is how they take the money right out of your pocket from ten thousand miles away.  It is a great day in America, the rich just got grossly richer and the poor just got grossly poorer.

The mainstream propagandists are reporting that 200,000 jobs have been created in November.  Do they really think we do not know that this is the Christmas buying season and that those very same jobs are going to be gone after the first of the year?  And even if some of these jobs are not seasonal, are they even in our country?  Or even if they are in our country, are they being occupied by foreigners here on work visas?

Billions of dollars to foreign central banks, no problem, it is the right thing to do.  I heard a neo-con piece of tripe saying that the treasonous Republicans support an extension of the payroll tax cut for the middle class and working poor, but but but but, we have to find a way to pay for it.  Money to the gluttonous filthy rich in other countries, no problem.  Money to a working stiff in America, no way, not unless we can take it from another working stiff, old person, disabled, or impoverished individual.

God damn their arrogance.  This is why they have to get their police state implemented.  They are coming after the last of everything we have and we are beginning to resist.

Think about this in this supposed freest country on the planet with a supposed government of the people, by the people, and for the people; our government will take more from us, even if they have to put us out on the street to starve, whereas the German government has been forced to accept the German people’s refusal to have more of their wealth taken by the international corporate mafia bankers.

Internationally, we the people have become an easy target as we are showing little resistance to the blatant theft of our resources that is occurring right before our eyes.  And now it has gone beyond that.  Now we are entities being raped as a resource, not to just be slaves to the international elite within our own borders, but to have our grandchildren handed over as slaves to international thieving bankers in other countries.

I say we fight now or call ourselves cowards and blow our own brains out, because if we will not fight for our own grandchildren, we are useless to this world.  Every citizen should withdraw every dollar from every bank in this country and demand that it be exchanged for gold.  And if that demand is not met, we should, every one of us, take up arms and march on Washington DC.  When we get there we should arrest every politician who has not joined us in our march by the time we reach the city’s borders.

We can stop this immediately but we have to stand up and at least pretend we have spines to do so.  Will we stand by and watch our grandchildren be taken into slavery, or will we start acting like we have a pair?  If we do not stop this blatant further theft of our wealth we deserve to have our grandchildren piss on our graves and curse us as cowards, as that is what we are.

We have endured seeing our old people beaten in our streets by agents of this illegitimate government that we finance with the sweat of our brows.  We have watched them abuse our children and done nothing more than cower.  If this is what an American is, I am ashamed that I am one.  And I am way past sick and tired of these ignorant pathetic morons, who still support this shit because they are either too stupid or too cowardly to do otherwise.

I promise you when this Republic is taken back, not only the criminals who have abused our people are going to be punished, but also every cowardly son of a bitch who failed in their sacred duty to defend our Republic.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Can somebody please explain to me why it is that the United States of America has to bail out banks of foreign countries while our own economy is in shambles and people are starving in the streets? My family lineage is 100% Italian, yet I in no way, shape, or form believe that the taxpayers in the United States should pay even a single penny to bail out the banks in Italy. Why is it that the people of Germany can stand up to their government but the people of the United States cannot? Doesn’t it bother anyone that the price of food, energy, and everything else is being raised higher and higher to bail out banks in other countries?!? Wasn’t it bad enough that central banks here got bailed out at our expense?!? I feel like I’m living in some alternate dimension where absurdity and lunacy are the norm.

    Oh, by the way:

    Unemployment aid applications up 2nd straight week

    December 01, 2011 — WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose for the second straight week, a sign the hiring market is recovering at a slow and uneven pace.

    Weekly applications for unemployment benefits rose by 6,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 402,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Applications had been below 400,000 for three straight weeks.

    The four-week average, a less volatile measure, was mostly unchanged at slightly below 400,000. The average fell to a seven-month low two weeks ago. Weekly applications had been declining for two months.

    The recent increases aren’t enough to suggest things are getting worse, economists said. “The overall trend in claims is still friendly,” said Jennifer Lee, an economist at BMO Capital Markets in a note to clients. “Don’t be too overly concerned with the ups and downs of each week as this is a volatile report.”

    The report covered the Thanksgiving holiday week, when applications usually fall sharply. That can make seasonal adjustment of the figures difficult. Applications would need to stay below 375,000 consistently to push down the unemployment rate significantly. They haven’t been at that level since February.

    The figures come one day before the government reports on job growth in November. Economists project that employers added a net 125,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate stayed at 9 percent for the second straight month.

    While the job growth would be an improvement from October, when the economy added just 80,000 jobs, it’s still barely enough to keep pace with population growth, Some economists are more optimistic after payroll provider ADP said Wednesday that companies added 206,000 workers last month, the most this year. That survey doesn’t include government agencies, which have been cutting jobs.

    Paul Ashworth, an economist at Capital Economics, said on Wednesday he expects the government to say employers added 140,000 net jobs last month. Recent data suggest the economy is picking up. Retailers reported a strong start to holiday sales over the Thanksgiving weekend, consumer confidence surged in November to the highest level since July and Americans’ pay rose in October by the most in seven months.

    Many economists say that is driving stronger growth in the final three months of the year. They forecast a 3 percent annual rate for the October-December quarter. That would be an improvement from the 2 percent rate in the July-September quarter.

    But the outlook is darker in Europe, which is struggling to contain its two-year old debt crisis and is on the verge of another recession. Europe’s problems led the Federal Reserve and other major central banks on Wednesday to take steps to ease the strain on global financial markets. They made it easier for banks in Europe and elsewhere to obtain dollars to fund more loans. That could support economic growth by making it easier for banks to lend to each other and to businesses.

    Most economists expect Europe to slip into recession soon. That would cool demand for U.S. exports and slow growth next year. The number of people receiving benefits rose by 35,000 to 3.74 million, the department said. That doesn’t include several million more laid-off workers who are receiving extended benefits under an emergency program put in place during the recession.

    All told, 7 million people received benefits in the week ending Nov. 12, the most recent data available. The extended benefits program, which provides up to 99 weeks of aid in states with the highest unemployment rates, is set to expire at the end of this year. Some Democratic lawmakers are pushing to renew the program. The Labor Department estimates about 2 million people will lose benefits by mid-February if the program isn’t extended.


    1. Sunfire,
      I agree 100%. What the Italian and Greek people need to do is tell the international banksters to take the fraudulent debt they have piled upon them and shove it up their ass until it comes out their throat. The people of the world need to realize that we outnumber the international thieves that are oppressing us tens of millions to one. This is indeed the greatest bluff in the history of mankind and it is time to call that bluff, and for all nations to take back their stolen wealth and crush the concept of a one world government. Then we can return to true competition and free markets, and in our case, we can return to manufacturing our own resources through free enterprise and for the benefit of the American people of the American race who own those resources as real property.

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