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Sent by “Jolly Roger”

I’m not “‘into politics” either, and if I had the option, I’d like to ignore the whole subject, but I happen to know that our lives are in immediate danger, and that they’ve been put in this danger by politicians, and this danger won’t go away by ignoring it.

The endless “war on terror” will now make it legal for the military to arrest American citizens on American soil without charges, without probable cause, or any form of due process, and throw them in jail forever, without ever seeing a court, a jury, or a judge. There have been no terrorist attacks or attempted attacks that did not involve elements of our own government, and the entire “war on terror” was always intended to arrive at this point. Hopefully you’re not too blind to see what’s happening here.

To explain this danger we’re in, it’s going to be necessary for me to give you a brief synopsis that quickly outlines exactly how this country is being run, because it’s a very different story than the popular perception of American government. I fully understand that much of what’s written here may sound grossly inaccurate, and possibly absurd to some people, but that’s only because most of what we’ve been taught and told regarding history and politics is merely a collection of lies that have been embedded into our culture and “knowledge” by the media and education system, both of which have fallen under the control of people who are intentionally destroying this nation. There’s nothing written here that you can’t easily confirm for yourself while we still have a free internet.

This may seem like an odd way to begin, but it’s important to ask “how many people do you know that have been arrested for trying to have sex in a public restroom?” If you’re like most people, you probably can’t name a single person without counting politicians, and there’s a reason why every so often you hear of another gay sex scandal involving a political figure. It might be a Senator in a restroom, a congressman chasing a page-boy, or the New Jersey Governor’s boyfriend running to Israel after “outing” him, but if you heard about it in the news, it’s because that politician didn’t do as he was told.

Massachusetts Senator Barney Frank was running an underage call-boy service out of his home, but all charges were dropped and the case was buried when he threatened to reveal the names of his customers. (probably most of congress) Is there some reason NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, PBS, etc. didn’t think that was “newsworthy” while Governor McGreevy’s gay lover was plastered across the airwaves?

There’s a high concentration of pedophiles and closeted homosexuals in our government because they’re chosen for this reason. They’ve been discovered and sometimes groomed for political office for decades. They’re given the necessary publicity and their campaigns are funded because someone else has photos of them corn-holing little Joey. This is also why you never have the option of voting for someone who might actually help this country. It doesn’t matter which candidate from either party you vote for, he’s usually a sexual deviant being controlled by someone else, or you wouldn’t even know his name. That’s because the same gang that’s blackmailing him, also controls the media. When this politician is in office, and doesn’t do as he’s told, he’s outed in the press and his political career is over. For thirty years, J. Edgar Hoover, as director of the F.B.I., refused to acknowledge the existence of organized crime because someone had photos of him dressed up in woman’s clothing (which were revealed after his death anyway). Attorney general Janet Reno refused to prosecute Clinton because he covered up her arrest for having sex with a female prostitute in her car. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, as head of the Texas Juvenile detention system, defended (and thereby condoned) the wholesale rape of inmate minors by the staff by calling it “consensual”. Our last two presidents were (are) closet homosexuals and cocaine addicts.

You didn’t vote for Obama. You voted for the guy who has the photos of Obama smoking a pole, because that’s who Obama answers to. A vote for the opposing candidate would have went to the same guy with the photo album, and that’s why we can go back and forth from Democrat to Republican, executive and/or congress, and there’s absolutely no change in the nation’s policies for decades. The only change is in the rhetoric. Now you know why no one in Washington is representing the American people. They answer to a higher authority.

It’s important here to define who this “higher authority” is that controls our media, our economy, our food supply, and our government, because there’s a potential slide down a slippery slope. Yes, they’re all Jewish, but we’re not talking about Jewish people in general, or even a significant number of them. They’re sometimes referred to as “Zionists”, but most supporters of Zionism are equally innocent, because they have no idea what they’re really supporting, and mostly fall into the “useful idiot” category (there are far more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists anyway). What we’re talking about is a group of ruthlessly criminal families and their minions motivated by their lust for money and power, who use Judaism, and Jewish culture as a tool to achieve their goals (Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Kuhn, Loeb, and their descendants/minions; Rockefellar, Bush, Morgan, Stanley, et al). The Oppenheimer family traces back to the original goldsmiths who invented paper money as we know it today, so it’s not surprising that their descendants own all of our banks, but their insatiable greed and brutal enforcement of their monetary policy is what causes all of our economic depressions, all of our wars, and arguably all non-personal human suffering over the last several centuries.

As goldsmiths, the banker’s ascendants discovered that no more than ten percent of the people whose gold they stored would ever collect it at the same time, and this allowed them to create more receipts for stored gold than actually existed in their vaults, which in turn allowed them to become incredibly wealthy, because these receipts were the earliest form of paper money. People traded in them because they were easier to transport than gold. The fraudulent gold receipts allowed them to buy real things with money (gold) that never actually existed. Naturally, whenever goldsmiths were caught doing this, they were hung, drawn and quartered, chained to the rack, roasted on skewers, stoned to death, etc., etc. Today it’s perfectly legal. It’s called “fractional reserve banking”, and it’s how all American banks do business. As an added bonus, the money supply is increased to create “boom” periods of low interest which puts everyone in debt, and the bust cycle, or depression, is created by contracting the money supply, leaving most debts unpaid, and all real property used as collateral to be stolen by the bankers, who created all the money they lent in the first place. Yes, our nation’s monetary system is a complete scam, and I can fix the economy in less than a month, but those facts have been kept well hidden.

Deception of the masses is one their most important tools, so control of the press has always been one of their main objectives, and that creeping, but relentless pursuit has brought them to a point where they now control most of the information available to Americans, regardless of which newspaper they read, which news show they watch, or which college they attend. The information most important to their lives will always remain hidden to them, and this is how they’re enslaved.

Part of that information is sometimes referred to as “the secret of money”, and the big secret is that it never has to be borrowed from bankers. The Federal Reserve Note in your pocket exists as the result of our government printing a bond, and borrowing money against it. The dollar represents a debt, not an asset. Instead of printing the bond, our government should simply print the money, and spend it into the economy. This will prevent the private bankers (Rothschilds, et al) who own the Federal Reserve from draining all of the wealth out of the nation, and our money would then be a tool to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, rather than being an instrument of a debt that should never have existed. An honest monetary policy would leave you owning your due share of America’s resources rather than having those resources drained to pay back the Federal Reserve for money they created, and that would make you incredibly wealthy by comparison to your present living standards. The fact of this money being lent with interest insures there can never be enough of it, and this keeps a population working like slaves at one thing or another, in an endless pursuit of this fraudulent money.

The only problem is that every president who has tried to rectify this by issuing real (honest, un-borrowed) money has been assassinated, and every one of America’s assassinated presidents has this same thing in common. (in the fortunate case of Andrew Jackson, both guns misfired. His epithet reads “I killed the bank” )

So there you have it. That’s who controls America, and that’s basically how they do it, but what’s most disturbing, and most relevant right now, is the history of these people, and what’s happened in similar situations in the past when they’ve been controlling a country from behind the scenes, just as they’re controlling the United States today.

The best examples are Nazi Germany, and The Soviet Union, because they’re most familiar to everyone, even though many pertinent facts of these histories has been kept well hidden from all but the independent historian, because all of the major publishing companies are also owned by Zionists.

First of all, the Nazi party and the prison camps were not about not the Aryan race trying to wipe out the Jews. It was about Ashkenazi Jews (the Zionists, in particular) trying to wipe out Sephardic Jews, while blaming it on the Germans, just as 9-11 was an attack by the Zionists, which was blamed on Arabs.

Hitler’s mother was a maid of the Rothschild’s, and Adolf is thought to be a Rothschild’s illegitimate son. Hitler’s sister was the head of a local Jewish organization, and his cook and doctor were both Jews. There were more than a hundred and thirty Jewish officers in Hitler’s army, and the Nazi party was funded by Jewish-owned companies and banks. Throughout the entire war, Jewish newspapers, and other Jewish-owned businesses were operating inside Germany as they always have. Hitler was obviously not trying to exterminate the Jews. One problem here is that gentiles tend to regard “the Jews” as one cohesive group of people, but that is most definitely not the case.

Sephardic Jews were rounded up and put in the camps, because the Torah considers the creation of a “Jewish state” to be an abomination in the eyes of God, and they’re not to return to any holy land until their messiah returns to earth to lead them there, but the Ashkenazi (Talmudic) Jewish bankers that funded Hitler instigated both the first and second world wars to create the state of Israel, and populate it with Jews.** Torah-observant Jews would have no part of it, and would always be speaking out against it, so they needed to be persecuted to silence an enemy, and also to convince all Jews that Israel would be their only safe haven. (the Russian pogroms were contrived by Jacob Schiff to convince Jews to emigrate to America for safety, where they were all promptly turned into voters for Woodrow Wilson, who was being blackmailed for being unfaithful to his wife, and would later sign the Ferderal Reserve Act into law)

Many Jews died in the concentration camps, probably of starvation or typhus (both of which plagued the rest of Germany too at the time), but no scientific or documented evidence proves the existence of gas chambers, and there’s much that brings their alleged existence into question. The entire story of the “holocaust” is based on eye-witness testimony, much of which has been thoroughly discredited. And the were not six million Jews in all of Europe at the time. The American Red Cross documented a total of 2.4 million people total dead in all camps, Jews and non-Jews alike. In all of the concentration camp photos I’ve seen, it looked to me like everyone starved to death, and as much of Germany was starving at the same time, it’s not likely much food would be diverted to the prisoners. The Rothschild bankers got rich through their usual tactic of lending money to fund all sides of the war. Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt were all Jews, and all of their countries had a Rothschild-owned central bank.

The Bolshevik revolution was not started by oppressed Russian workers. It was funded with twenty million in gold by Rothschild minion Jacob Schiff, and carried out by about three hundred Zionist Jews from the lower east side of Manhattan. Trotsky, on he other hand, was from the Bronx. None of them were from Russia, and the “Communist” party was almost entirely Jewish, with a few token Ruskies thrown in to make it look good, but what’s most disturbing is the wholesale slaughter of the population by the “Russian” commissars that followed the coup.

And that’s what these historic events have most alarmingly in common with our nation today. Both Communism and Nazism were Zionist creations, and a similar fate is being orchestrated for America right now. The United States is being run by the same crew, and is being intentionally destroyed by the same crew, using their standard modus operandi. The wholesale slaughter of the American people can be expected to follow, as it always has in the past. The facilities for carrying this out in America are already in place. Built, stocked, and staffed, awaiting only the prisoners.

Right now, armed Americans and the citizen’s militia groups are the only thing standing between you and an early demise in a concentration camp, so it might be a good time to reassess your programmed, and prejudiced opinion of them, and lend a little support while you still can. They’re all that’s left of America, and they’re America’s only hope. If you want to survive, you’ll have to arm yourself, and produce food.
—- Jolly Roger

“He who controls history, controls the future” – George Orwell

** that’s a-whole-nother story that I don’t want to get side-tracked on right now, but please look into it for yourself.

P.S. – I have absolutely no violent intentions, and there are no bombs, bomb making materials, or illegal weapons anywhere in my home or on my property, so if the F.B.I., or the B.A.T.F. decides to bury them here and arrest me for them (as they’ve done to others in the past), please know that you’re being lied to once again. I am also very happy and content, never depressed, and I never entertain thoughts of suicide, so if a crooked coroner announces that I’ve killed myself, please know that he’s full of shit too.

And by the way, here’s the website of about ten thousand orthodox Jews who will agree with everything I’ve written here: nkusa.org This is NOT “anti-semitism”

anything written by “Jolly Roger” is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to copy, post, publish or print this article in it’s entirety wherever you choose to. – J.R.

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  1. I learned more history in this single article than all my years in public school! So many people believe the lies, but then I guess when you’re brainwashed from childhood, you really don’t know any better. I guess that is why they call “evil” evil, there’s nothing good about it.

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