Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan – Witnesses to Bin Laden’s Death, or Lack thereof, Killed

Thirty one US military troops were killed on Saturday when the Chinook CH-47 helicopter they were being transported in was shot down over Afghanistan.  There are so many things wrong with this incident.  Of those killed were 22 Navy Seals, most of which were members of the elite Seal Team 6, which we all remember reportedly accomplished the raid into Pakistan that allegedly procured the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Elite forces like Team 6 consist of highly trained individuals for the purpose of lightening fast operations in extremely diverse situations, such as hostage situations, assassinations, and black op captures of foreign enemies.  Reportedly this elite team was on its way to support a detachment of US forces that had fallen under enemy attack.

Now comes the confusing part.  If there is a detachment under attack by superior forces, why would you send in 31 men as a remedy?  Would not logic dictate that attack helicopters and jet fighters be deployed in such a situation?  And if you are going to send reinforcement do you send elitist troops, or do you bring in ground marines whose specialty it is to fight ground engagements?

No one has said exactly who among the elitist Seal Team 6 were individuals involved in the Bin Laden raid, and if they were involved in that raid, in what capacity.  Were they the ones that held the outside of the compound or were they the very individuals who could confirm or deny the death of Bin Laden on that night?

I’m sure being a member of the Seal Team 6 requires a person who can absolutely keep their mouth shut.  But I have to say if I were a member of such a team and found myself involved in an action that could be construed as nothing less than a treason being committed against my country and the Constitution I swore to uphold, my conscience might begin to weigh my promise of silence against my sworn duty.

At any rate, if those who had direct contact with the corpse said to be that of Bin Laden were among those killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, what they know will go to the grave with them.

One thing that has always disturbed me about this situation is the footage of Obama, Biden, and Hilary Clinton supposedly watching the raid take place live.  Now if these Seals had cameras on their helmets why hasn’t this footage been released to show the rest of America what they saw?  If it was indeed Bin Laden, could not a better sample be taken for facial and retinal identification from that footage than that which was used which was reportedly taken from a man with half of his face blown off?

No people, this think stinks to the high heavens and dirty little deeds like this are going to continue to be done until we the people put a stop to them.

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  1. What is even more disturbing, is that there was a second helicopter crash in Afghanistan that has been keep quiet. No mention at all, from the professional teleprompter readers. See below:

    “A second helicopter belonging to the US-led NATO coalition has crashed in Paktia Province in eastern Afghanistan, killing 33 US forces on board.

    Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mojahid claimed responsibility for the crash, which occured in Zarmat city on Monday, saying 33 American troops were killed in the downing, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

    Separately, another NATO chopper made a hard landing in the same area in eastern Paktia province late Sunday, Afghan witnesses and officials told Press TV.

    The US-led NATO forces have cordoned off the scene of the incident, witnesses said.

    The incident has reportedly left some casualties, but there are no words yet on the exact number of the killed or injured.

    The main cause of the incident is not clear yet.

    Meanwhile, the US-led alliance issued a statement and confirmed that the helicopter made an emergency landing. The statement said no one was injured and that it has launched an investigation into the incident.

    The incident came in the wake of a similar incident on Saturday, which claimed lives of 31 US forces.

    Taliban claimed responsibility for Saturday helicopter crash, but NATO said it has started an investigation into the incident”.


    1. Phil-

      Yeah, I know. The more reason to get the hell out of there. Dick Cheney and his military corporate pimps have soaked us enough.

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