Riots in London – Police are no Better in U.S.

Riots broke out in the streets of London over the weekend in response to police killing Mark Duggan, a 29 year old black man, who was riding in a cab that police pulled over.  Details of the shooting are not available.  It is reported one of the officers was shot in the incident but was spared serious injury as the bullet struck his walkie-talkie.  It is being reported that the shooting occurred in an area known for problems stemming from racial tensions.

What is interesting about this whole situation is the bullet finding itself in the officer’s walkie-talkie.  You see guns are banned in England.  This being said it would seem that if the man who was killed possessed a firearm that was used to shoot an officer’s walkie-talkie, it would have been the headline as it would have shown justification for the killing.

The lack of any mention of any weapon being possessed by the man killed leaves the situation open to a speculation that police officers walked up on either side of a cab and unloaded their guns on an unarmed man in such a reckless manner that one actually shot the other.  Maybe this is why the people are protesting and burning cars and buildings.

Police violence against citizens in our own country seems to be increasing as the insurgency being perpetrated against we the people by the traitors in our government becomes more evident and in our faces day by day.

In completing this article it was my intent to report on the beating death of Kelly Thomas, an unarmed homeless man with a history of mental illness.  When I typed “unarmed man killed by police” this is a very small portion of what I found.

Now as the American Gestapo clamps down on the citizenry, the insurgents in our government are working diligently to disarm us in an attempt to make us into completely helpless victims.  Anyone who cannot see where our country is headed is completely lost and should remove themselves from the debate and voting booth.

It is coming to the point where we Americans are either going to fight or submit to slavery followed by genocide.  In short this is turning into a fight for our lives.

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