Henry Shivley and Mark Koernke – Two Strong Leaders Who Together Give Us Confidence

After listening to Henry and Mark converse on Marks show on 10/25, it goes to show us the importance of our leaders being together on how things will progress when the inevitable war for freedom lights off. Henry’s point being, what control mechanism will be in place as common law must be first and foremost, apart from any form of admiralty law, period. Mark’s point being, there has to be some sort of command to keep order, because if there isn’t, pandemonium will take hold, accomplishing nothing, insuring chaos.  

Mark Koernke is the consummate professional, the man could be considered a genius at war logistics and battle planning, nobody can argue that point, the ones that do are not only out of touch with reality, or out right brain dead.

Henry is also a professional, the kind of man who has spent his entire adult life fighting in courts, even thrown behind bars for not giving an inch on his common law beliefs, something that demands respect, no doubt about that.

These two men together, along with its other great leaders, such as David Stone with the Hutari militia will insure that things progress appropriately, as long as we have nothing to do with bankers and nothing to do with admiralty law. More importantly, we’re not taking orders from any one man, but an understanding that together these leaders can come to agreement, nothing is more important than that.

Hundreds of years ago, after the war for independence was over, the bankers came in and screwed the pooch, messed everything up and negated everything the warriors who fought and died accomplished. Masonic garbage found its way into the mix and turned us into a bunch of slaves, again.

Listening to the conversations with David Stone, and Henry, this is what the main concern was, something that Henry was constantly cut off from trying to explain, Mark for whatever reason didn’t want to hear any of it.

Now, for me to sit here and judge anybody would be foolish, because we are dealing with extremely intelligent men here.  My point being, these men need to let everybody speak freely with no interruptions, as these are the men who will guide us through all the crap that is undoubtedly going to happen, sooner or later.

Hopefully, these men will come to a mutual understanding on how they will proceed to re-institute our freedoms, not making the rest of us feel like subjects, but free individuals guiding our own lives the way we want, not the way any one leader might want, after all, this is what ruined our country to start with.

Henry Shivley, Mark Koernke and David Stone are powerful men, we look to them for guidance, understanding who plays what part. Mark Koernke has amassed an unbelievable logistics and war time armament structure that would rival many armies around the world. Henry Shivley has, for the last 30 years fought for the common law to be reinstated, an expert, who has helped many with their court appearances and requirements using common law tactics, something nobody else, in my view could ever achieve, which in most cases having the case dropped. David Stone a powerful militia leader in his own right, fought his way through the illegal court system and won. I personally donated money to help him do that.

You can’t in any way single any of these men out for being in any way, power hungry as we have listened to them over the years very well know, they’re just too damn smart for that.

We look forward to future shows, and listening to the cues that will be given, and hopefully the togetherness between them to achieve all of our goals in reinstating our freedoms, and making sure that the Bill of Rights will be followed to the letter in achieving that.

8 thoughts on “Henry Shivley and Mark Koernke – Two Strong Leaders Who Together Give Us Confidence

  1. I just re-listened to both Henry’s Friday broadcast and Mr. Koernke’s Friday Evening broadcast. I do not understand about the two dollar bills. Any background welcome.

    Anyhow, thanks to Mark Schumacher, and I hear what he’s urging in terms of working together. After re-listening to it all I do not think Mr. Koernke and especially his son, know who Henry Shivley is. In discussing what lies ahead in terms of being ready, I did not like Henry being told: “You’re not at that point yet.” And how many times did they cut him off? To stifle speech is suppressive, and it seems to me if there is any moving forward from here, Henry is owed an apology. Just my take.

    And then there’s the validating of the vote. That’s tough to take with all we know about how fixed it is and how it changes almost nothing. As far as affecting positive change at the “township” level, that has proven time and again to pretty much be a dead-end. That is not to say that crumbs are not occasionally tossed, but over the decades I have seen many good people, with honorable intentions get blocked or discredited there. Some became whistle-blowers and that is a very difficult and dangerous road. The township is still a branch of the very system that’s attempting to steal our rights and enslave us.

    When Mr. Koernke asked Henry what mechanism he has in place for the aftermath, I could only think of all those times Henry reminded us that it will come down to each individual effort of living The Bill of Rights, and dealing with any infringement, and of course to connecting and planning with those with whom we have high trust.  

    This is not to discount any good that all the individuals involved in this have done. I am grateful for all genuine efforts and actually in awe of them. But this is to say I agree with Henry and want no one telling me what to do. Maybe I will be labeled naive, but I want out from under, and this is me attempting to figure it out.


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