0 thoughts on “Herman Cain Sings Lennon's Imagine

  1. This video was taken to put together his presidential resume. This video was shot at Herman Cain’s graduation from the Two-Bit Back Alley Con Man Bull Shitter Academy for Butt Suckers that will do anything to climb the corporate ladder.

      1. OOOO…wonderful! From the frying pan to the fire! Rock on all pathetically ignorant, blithering morons who buy into this shill! This guy is the worst of the worst. Elect THAT you cretins! See what happens next.

    1. Yeah…what level of intelligence would participate in such a display let alone be the main attraction…..Imagine there’s no pizza? Is this the level of brain activity the American people actually respect? Have we fallen THAT far? The survival of our nation is a subject for this level of imbecilic “humor”? If so we who are cognizant are passengers on a ship of fools cheering as they enable a crew of alcoholics.

      Wow! What words come to mind? How about sophomoric, mindless, intellectually immature at best, I am unable to comment further. This is beyond ridiculous.

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