World Occupy Protests and Communist Surge to Take Over the Movement

In watching the dedication of the MLK Jr. Monument, coupled with footage of the Occupy protests around the world, I finally heard the magic buzz words.  What started out as a patriotic uprising in the United States was yesterday called “A Leftist World Revolution.”  No sale, propagandist.  This last ditch effort has already failed.

Many months ago I wrote of the intensions of the international corporate mafia.  We the people had made it clear through the grassroots Tea Party movement that the foreign insurgent Obama was not going to usher social communism into our country.  The plan to deprive our people and then offer the “Obama Socialist Revolution” as a solution did not go quite as planned.

You see it was a simple plan.  Our jobs were to be taken, our homes and retirement, and then someone, like Michael Moore, was supposed to step up and declare that we were at war with the capitalists.  There would be riots in the streets and the workers would come together under communism, take over the factories, strike down the Constitution through soviet committees within our government, and start building statues of Karl Marx.

Just one problem, they chose the wrong generation to dispossess, disenfranchise, and make civilly dead in an effort to sell them communism.  They chose the baby boomer generation because we had the most wealth to steal, which was a side benefit in connection to their actions.  But they missed one little aspect in reference to timing.

We baby boomers were raised during the Cold War and as a part of the government indoctrination centers we went to, we were taught to hate communism to facilitate $5.5 trillion in defense spending to procure our nuclear arsenal for the sole purpose of stopping the Red Menace.  (Remember “Kill a Commie for Mommy” and “Better Dead than Red”?)

And how did they teach us to hate communists and communism?  Well they had to do something that was a little distasteful to them, but as $5.5 trillion was involved, they did it anyway.  They taught us the Constitution and showed us, using undeniable facts how communism, if allowed to spread, would destroy our Republic and our way of life.  And now, right in the midst of their “Leftist Revolution” the communists are finding themselves grossly outnumbered by the baby boomer patriots, who literally hate their guts and livers.

They have made their final push in timing the dedication of the MLK Jr. Monument with the world wide protests, and quite frankly the American people of the American race are being turned off by their blatant display.

It is really funny if you think about it, when you find out they actually did the whole thing on the cheap.  So how did we Americans memorialize the great American Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?  With a hunk of granite imported from China and sculpted using Chinese labor, followed by Al Sharpton preaching a mix of the Constitution and Marxism.

Marxism is not only an oxymoronic theology to our Constitution, but has to be considered repugnant to our Constitution.  I am sick of hearing Martin Luther King’s movement for equality called the Civil Rights Movement, when in reality what actually occurred was an enforcement of our beloved Constitution, as the whole problem of racism was in reality due to a failure to enforce our Constitution.

Now as we unite as the American people of the American race for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution, our enemies are trying to use a diversity that we have put in our past to hijack our patriotic revolution with a Marxist movement for civil rights in a social communistic society, designed to reduce us to a soviet state in the one world communist union.

When Sharpton took the stage and started calling for we the people to fall in step with the treasonous foreign insurgent Obama in supporting his fraudulent jobs bill, which in reality is designed to give his corporate masters $800,000 a pop to provide us with a $30,000 a year job, the intent became clear.  Obama is an international communist traitor and anyone who advocates for or supports Obama is a traitor.

It has been the hope and dream of the international elite to divide we the people into opposing camps so that we might kill each other for them.  It is not going to work.  We will take our Republic back under our Constitution, after which our military, backed by 40 million militia will drive the communists into the sea.  And if you commies out there want to push the issue before hand, and Americans must kill Americans, then so be it.  40 million militia will kill every goddamn communist in the process of taking back the Republic.  You cannot and you will not win.  The giant is awake and the giant hates communists.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The propagandists are now on this new kick of saying to the OccupyWallStreet movement, “what is your message?, there is no real message”. I am getting so tired of these ass hole media whore scum bags spouting this garbage on the professional teleprompter idiot box.

    Here is the message you pathetic cowards, illegal derivatives and corruption have ruined the middle class. Not to mention hedge funds “Mafia Dons” like John Paulson, and crooks like Tim Geithner paving the road for you, as without this treason against the Constitution, you ass wipes wouldn’t have jobs.

    And just for shits and giggles, “Drop Dead!”, you media whore cowards!

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