Hillary Clinton Demands War for the Zionists

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced over the weekend that the window for a diplomatic solution for Iran is rapidly closing, no doubt acting on orders from her Zionist controllers.  Clinton went on to say that the United States will be doubling aid to Syrian Rebels.

Just how dumb does this woman think the American people are?  Those so called Syrian Rebels fighting for democracy are no different than the Libyan Rebels fighting for democracy.  They are Al Qaeda and Hillary Clinton should be charged under the Patriot Act as a terrorist for aiding Al Qaeda.

As opposition to the Israeli Middle East land grab intensifies, the Zionists are simply becoming sneakier in their actions.  Not a month ago, it was stated as fact by both US and Israeli analysts that Iran was two years away from being able to develop a working nuclear bomb.  Now all of the sudden like, as if aliens from another planet had intervened, the Iranians could be capable of attacking within a couple of months.  Balderdash!

I guess we the people of the United States are only being accredited with having the memory span of a head of lettuce.

Just a few months ago the mainstream media reported that Iran had nuclear missiles pointed at the United States.  This was not only proven to be a lie, but laughable in its essence.

Could the Israelis, through the mainstream media in the United States, be hoping that these lies will be picked up by the truly ignorant among us and parroted over and over again, in spite of the fact that they are absolutely untrue?  And then with a false flag event, coupled with a blitzkrieg propaganda campaign, we will be a year into a war before we realize that the war is baseless.

You know, like when there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, and after which we just continued the war using the slogan “Free the Iraqis”, culminating with us killing over a million innocent Iraqi men, women, and children for their own safety.

It kind of reminds me of the little children the ATF burned to death at Waco…to save them of course.

This week we will see an escalation in Syria in spite of the fact that we the people are in opposition to interference.  And within two months….well forget about the 2012 election, after we invade Iran and are propelled into a third world war, a permanent dictatorship will seem perfectly logical.

But not to worry, the international elite, who will have unleashed death and destruction around the world, will do like they have done during every war.  They will kick back in their Swiss Chateaus as they lavish in the wealth that the blood sacrifice of we the goyim will have procured for them.

May God intervene and smite the Zionist devil and his disciples.

11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Demands War for the Zionists

  1. Bronson, it’s called a Human Sacrifice.

    And then the jews tear out their hair, wailing: “Blood Libel.”

    I just love that Polish saying: “The jews scream ‘Murder! Murder’ – all the while sticking a knife in your back.!”

  2. Hillary Clinton must own preferred shares in Halliburton. Probably being eyed to be the next CEO.

  3. You can bet, they will all get their’s in the end. Hilary is nothing more tha a prostitute for the Zionist Agenda. Bill would have been better off with Lewinski.

  4. It is very difficult to come to this conclusion but I actually now believe that Bill Clinton has more morals than Hillary. She has proved to be a total war mongers with no concern to the thousands of our kids who could be killed or crippled in her calls for conflict. I think everyone should read the diary of Moshe Sharit who was the second prime minister of Israel. All today’s troulble were on the table all along. Ben Gurnion rejected going into Syria in 1953 so he could follow his plan on invading Gaza. It would appear that all conflicts in the middle east involve water. Syria today is the path that the weapons for Lebanon pass when Iran sends them. Israel needs to get the water of the Latavni river which is 1/2 way up the coast of Lebanon. Israel also knows of the large natural gas fields off the coast which is a plus but water is the real reason. Iran is a problem because it blocks the expansion of Israel. Anyone who believes Israel has any plan on making peace fails to understand that Empire Israel has been going on for over 150 years. It started with the financial help of Lord Rothchild. Its intention is control of energy which then controls the world.

    1. I’m happy to see someone like you knowledgable about the history of Israel and the Zionist agenda. Water is a big thing to do with it but more-so the complete control of all resources (even people) by Israel. They want all industry and banking in their control and nothing to be sold that isn’t Israeli owned and controlled. Netenyahu is a demon of the biggest accord. The true Jewish people are waking up and are against the occupation of Palistine. True Judisam is not Zionisam. A lot of people link those the two together but they are very seperate. There are 30,000 practicing Jews in Iran. You see they have religous freedom in Iran.

  5. Vince Foster was about to go into the Whitewater hearings in 1993 and as an insider, explain the Clinton’s business and money laundering enterprise in Arkansas(Rose Law firm and ADFA-Arkansas Development and Finance Authority). Bill Clinton fired the head of the FBI. The next day Vince Foster was murdered, probably in the White House, wrapped up in a carpet and dumped in Marcey Park. Hillary had carpets changed in her quarters that day. Vince Foster was found dead in Marcey Park with a pistol laid in his hand with no fingerprints on it. Do you all REALLY want Hillary as your representative to the rest of the world about who you are? ACT.

    1. They call what happened to Vince Foster “Arkanside”. The Clintons have murdered so many people they created their own word for it. I think it is “eliteonics”.

      1. I like that comment. This is true, they had to invent a word for it so they wouldn’t be accused of murder.

    2. I never wanted her for anything period. Seems like Bill didn’t either. It is all about power and control. Them two just get along to get along and have too much on each other to let go. Image you see.

  6. I agree with that you have said. We need not fight Isreals war. Nor shall we show up when the Rothchilds schedule their 3rd WW.

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