Just How Much Have and Are the International Elitists Stealing from the American People?

We often discuss the wealth of our country and where it has gone and so shall we do so again, starting from the beginning.  In 1913 a group of international banker criminals, working in tandem with a small group of treacherous Congressmen and Senators, set up the Federal Reserve, which was then signed by the international elitist traitor Woodrow Wilson.  By 1933 the government of the United States went bankrupt.  That is, the United States government, not we the people.  We the people were then and still are today filthy rich.

When the government went into receivership, they put up the wealth of our country as collateral for the bankruptcy, which did not represent the tiniest little speck of our wealth.  And as we the people are the absolute owners of the United States and its resources, under Title 50 of the United States Codes, our birth certificates were and are used as the paper representation of the resources we own.

When the birth certificates were put up as collateral, they were leveraged, the same way these thieving banksters leverage one dollar so it can be lent out as thirty.

Now figure in the Federal Reserve and the dollar.  When the first dollar was printed and borrowed from the Federal Reserve it had 3% interest attached to it.  So no matter how many dollars we print and lend to ourselves, it is a mathematical impossibility to pay off the debt.

These fiat debt transfer dollars are then acquired by the international banksters, who turn around and cash them in for real tangible wealth in the form of our natural resources.  Our natural resources belong to we the people and the international bankster gangsters are allowed to take them from us through the receivership, as in the end result the wealth gained from the leveraging of our birth certificates is not being used to pay off any debt, but rather is being funneled back to the banksters through the stock market, where our birth certificates are bought and sold literally every day.

The way I believe it works is like this.  Whenever we as sovereigns wish to purchase anything, under Title 50 and through our Social Security Number, the personal account for our personal estate, and through our signature, the item is paid for in full.  The wealth created through the transaction is then supposed to be put toward paying off the debt.

The problem is when we were born, those who were and are robbing us blind, made us dead on our birth certificates and turned our birth certificates into a non-living corporation in order to tap our personal estates.

I have not been able to study this matter as in depth as I would like, but a man by the name of Rod Class has.  Watch this video and see what your fortune is.

You see the reason you feel like you do not have control over your life is that you have been reduced to the status of a corporation and big corporations naturally lord over small ones, whereas freeman citizens with full rights under our Bill of Rights are far and above any corporation.

The reality is each and every one of us has been born into about $200 million worth of real wealth through our resources as calculated in today’s fiat dollars.  And this is without working or hitting one lick.  This is your inheritance as a US sovereign.  This is how much the international elite are stealing from each and every one of us.

Rod Class and his people have proven this and are working on finding out how these thieves are accessing our personal accounts and keeping us from doing the same.

This is why we must occupy every port in the United States and stop the flow of our natural resources, hence our wealth, out of this country.

We are being treated like the Indians were when the wealth of the United States belonged to them exclusively.  They were put on reservations and left to eat rotten meat and flour with worms in it.  They were called ignorant and lazy and their personal estates were taken over with the excuse being given that they were too stupid to manage their own affairs.  Meanwhile, the international thieves became the powerful monster we now face today.

Our country is still the richest on this planet.  We are wealthy as individuals and we are going to have to fight and win if we want our estates back.  And when we are forced to do so we are not only going to stop the theft we are going to take back that which has been stolen.

Mr. Class has reasoned that if we were all just handed $200 million we would stop working and revert back to the Stone Age.  I disagree.  Some might, but I think most Americans need to work and to create.  And let’s face it, the only real difference would be that the elite would be those that lawfully own the wealth, rather than those who have stolen and are stealing it.

As for all you people out there preaching socialism, tell me, would you rather be a part of a social collective working for room and board, or an individual multi-millionaire actually enjoying your life?

Brothers and sisters, American people of the American race, we are going to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.  We are going to stop the theft, punish the thieves, and recover our wealth.  And then, we are going to live the rest of our lives with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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9 thoughts on “Just How Much Have and Are the International Elitists Stealing from the American People?

  1. We should all be guaranteed a place to live, with land ownership and adequate medical care, at a minimum. If that toenail fungus incubator, Tricky Dick Cheney, can have free health care, why can’t the rest of us?

    1. No, we should have our estates absolute and not be reduced to wards of a government like the Indians were. The government has no right to take any authority over us as we are its master, it is not ours.
      If we all had our estates I think we could take care of ourselves quite well. And who could feel sorry for those who failed to? And how strong would we be as individuals, not only independent from our servant government, but independent from anybody else in the world?
      We are the sovereigns of this country and by our birthright we are on a par with the crowned heads of Europe. Think about it.

      1. I stand corrected. I’ll never buy into the current BS of the current homeownership fairytale we currently have now. You never own it, always paying only to rent it, while constantly looking over your shoulder.

        They just keep raising the property taxes on you. It’s all BS! Home ownership is a fraud. 30 foot Airstream and a fishing rod and a good sense of humor makes much more sense.

        1. A 50 foot yacht and two fishing poles makes even better sense when put in perspective with what is being stolen from us.

  2. “How much are the Internationalist Elite stealing from the American people?”

    Horrors of horrors! By no means should they steal from “Americans.”

    You know, this is read worldwide, but Shivley, obviously, thinks that “America” should be exempt. Don’t you, Shiveley?

    It’s ok, though, for the Internationalist Elite, to steal from other countries though!

    The utter hubris of “Americans,” eh?

    Esp. when the U.S. is a dump, in every way, now. Third World. Banana Rep. Doesn’t produce anything, even food is imported.
    And all the “Americans” export now is WAR…WAR…WAR!

    You would think that in this day and age, the 21st century, after all, People would think of themselves as just Human Beings, on this Spaceship, Earth!

    1. Bonnie,
      No it is not just America. It is all the people of the world. Right now little children are starving in countries on the African Continent and in reality these little children also are multi-millionaires by way of their natural resources.
      I am fighting for my country because it is my country. And who knows, if we can expose the theft here and capture the criminals, might we not save the rest of the people of the world in the process?
      Yes, we have been infiltrated and invaded from every quarter, but at our core is the American people of the American race. We are peace loving and wish to harm no one. We did not create this ugly situation but you better believe that we are armed to the teeth and we will be the ones to correct it and restore honor to our country.

  3. “Brothers and sisters, American people of the American race, we are going to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution. We are going to stop the theft, punish the thieves, and recover our wealth. And then, we are going to live the rest of our lives with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams.”

    Dear God, I hope this man is right.

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