Hochul drops covid vaccine mandate for MTA after workers quit in protest

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

Citing a lack of workers (due to the mandates), New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced that MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) employees will no longer be required to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

New York City’s subway system is already running thin from the last batch of workers who up and left following Hochul’s earlier announcement that all state employees must take the jabs or else be fired. Mass walk-offs caused Hochul to later backtrack her position.

Since trying to force MTA workers to get injected only threatens to further erode the reliability and functionality of the city’s subway system, buses and other transportation means, Hochul says that employees can continue to work with just their natural immunity.

“Our concern, as you mention shortages of crews, is the individuals who will not want to participate in a mandatory vaccination program will be individuals who would exacerbate that problem,” Hochul said in a statement.

“We do not want to make it impossible for the New York City workforce to have the proper transportation channels they’re accustomed to.”

Hochul went on to explain that she does not want to take the blame for creating “a dynamic where there are no trains picking people up for their jobs in the morning or getting healthcare workers to their jobs in hospitals.”

“So that’s the calibration I keep referring to and we’re going to stay with the plan for now,” she further added.

Hochul is just another empty suit (dress?)

Back in the fall right after she was installed to replace Andrew Cuomo, Hochul fired all unvaccinated health care workers in New York and replaced them with National Guard troops.

Since that time, Hochul has been on a crusade to get needles into every remaining arm in New York, using force if necessary – except now she sees that she will commit political suicide if she follows through with forcing the injections on MTA workers.

New York City’s trains and subways are already having to run on a reduced schedule through at least the end of the year due to staffing shortages caused by Hochul’s mandate.

“This Monday through Thursday, trains will run less frequently than usual. Like everyone in New York, we’ve been affected by the COVID surge,” the MTA tweeted. “We’re taking proactive steps to provide the best, most consistent service we can. That means you may wait a little longer for your train.”

Hilariously, Hochul tried to argue that her decision to backtrack was not because of mass worker walk-offs but rather because most of the agency is already vaccinated “and the nature of their jobs include limited face-to-face interaction with the public.”

“We have 80 percent of MTA workers already vaccinated,” Hochul howled.

“MTA workers – the people who drive the buses are isolated, if you operate a train, you’re isolated, even a toll collector is isolated. We did this calculation on examining how much exposure there would be to the public and we’re satisfied with our decision.”

Likely story, Hochul. Everybody knows that you jumped the shark and are now trying to pretend as though you conducted independent “research” and determined that the injections are somehow still necessary for everybody else except the MTA.

“The courts, the cops, the businesses, the schools, trucking, the stock market, the media, the elections … everything, corrupted to the core,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about the current state of the country as a whole, not just New York.

As for New York specifically, this same commenter wrote that it is a “ruthless, barbaric, greedy” state fill with Fed fraud, stock and bond fraud, and is also the epicenter of the 9/11 false flag attack.

“New York is a cesspool of corruption of the worst kind.”

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One thought on “Hochul drops covid vaccine mandate for MTA after workers quit in protest

  1. So why isn’t EVERYBODY doing this? If right at the start EVERYONE just said “F*CK YOU!” and walked off their jobs together this whole thing wouldn’t have even got off the ground. Unfortunately we only have to look around in most of neighborhoods (especially in the cities) to see why that didn’t happen en masse (and I’m trying hard not to sound defeatist here!). However, it’s never too late to start!

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