Homeless campers in North Portland say the city has failed them

Aug 14, 2022 About 50 people live in a homeless encampment along the Peninsula Crossing Trail in North Portland. The once-popular bike path has turned into a highway for homeless campers. “It’s more like a community. It’s family. We’ve been here so long that we should have some type of residency,” said TT Sanchez, who lives in one of the campsites. Last year, Sanchez and her husband got an apartment through a city-run program, but they didn’t make enough money to keep up with the rent. Four months ago, they found themselves right back in these tents along the Peninsula Crossing Trail. The city just cleared some camps, but many of those living there just moved their camps a few blocks away. “You can’t pull up on a street and decide, ‘I’m going to live here.’ It’s just not fair to the community,” said Judy Kane, who lives on the corner of North Princeton and Stanford. An RV now sits outside her kitchen window. KGW reached out to Commissioner Dan Ryan’s office for comment but didn’t hear back right away. Read the full story: https://www.kgw.com/article/news/loca…

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