Hospitals across the U.S. turning to foreign nurses as healthcare workers are fired over vaccine mandates

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Short-staffed hospitals across the country are turning to international nurses to fill staff shortages as thousands of healthcare workers across the country are being cut loose for not submitting to a coronavirus vaccine.

Administrators at Billings Clinic in Montana have contracts with two dozen international nurses and is one of “scores” of hospitals across the country bringing in nurses from other countries to address staffing issues including retirements, according to an NPR report

The report states that a backlog of more than 5,000 international nurses are waiting from countries like Ghana, Thailand, and the Philippines to be cleared to obtain visa approval to work in U.S. hospitals.

“We are seeing an absolute boom in requests for international nurses,” Lesley Hamilton-Powers, a board member of AAIHR and a vice president for Avant Healthcare Professionals in Florida, said.

The push for more international nurses comes as thousands of nurses and healthcare workers across the country are losing their hospital jobs over coronavirus vaccine requirements.

Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic recently fired 700 unvaccinated employees who did not submit to coronavirus vaccines. Over 500 healthcare workers have been fired in Massachusetts for disobeying vaccine mandates and over 30,000 healthcare workers in New York have been fired.

“We worked so hard last year,” Jennifer Bridges, a Texas nurse fired in November over vaccine requirements told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “I mean, we were there through thick and thin when we had no help… it was horrible. And these people that are putting forth these rules right now for us and kicking us to the curb, they weren’t there. They weren’t even in the building to be seen for months. They were staying at home while we were doing all the work.”

5 thoughts on “Hospitals across the U.S. turning to foreign nurses as healthcare workers are fired over vaccine mandates

    1. Good luck with nurses coming from international juristiction.

      here are the requirements.
      8-Steps To Work In The U.S. As A Nurse
      There are eight key steps foreign-educated nurses will need to take in order to obtain a position as an RN in a U.S. hospital.

      Meet the educational requirements
      Take and pass an English language proficiency test, if mandated.
      Obtain credential evaluation
      Pass your National Council Licensing Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX – RN)
      Find a nursing recruiting agency or US-based employer
      Apply and obtain an RN immigrant visa/green card
      RN visa interview and medical examination
      Accept an RN position

      1. You leave out one important element, my friend. The unlawful corporation can wave every requirement listed above as none of it is law, but rather corporate policy, and they by God will because they don’t give a monk’s f-k if you survive toenail surgery, in fact they’ve made it abundantly clear that it is their goal to kill you.

  1. Saw this sh** coming miles away. And yes, they’ll “modify” requirements, just like they do for all foreign infiltraitors. See a specialist for tests, but have to go to your primary anyway cuz you can’t understand one syllable of what specialist said! (Sadly, this has been the case for years). Pts don’t even call them by Dr Ramgheziakilafghn…Dr Ram for short, admittedly by staff and pts! Per my doc, the “doctors”educated overseas are less qualified, in that, they go through a watered down medical program compared to home grown licensed docs.
    Even UPenn lady told me that “they’re pretty much hiring anyone with a pulse” as she lamented the quality of people she’s attempted to train in the last year.
    If you can apply a band aid with a modicum of success, then you can be a nurse!
    I think I’ll you tube how to remove my own appendix before I go to any hospital!

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