House Passes ‘Antisemitism Awareness Act’ to Silence Criticism of Israel as Hate Speech

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

The House on Wednesday passed the “Antisemitism Awareness act” to silence criticism of Jews and Israel as hate speech and empower the federal government to crack down on anti-Israel protests on college campuses.

Rep. Thomas Massie warned Wednesday on Twitter:


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also criticized the bill, writing:

Antisemitism is wrong, but I will not be voting for the Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023 (H.R. 6090) today that could convict Christians of antisemitism for believing the Gospel that says Jesus was handed over to Herod to be crucified by the Jews.

Read the bill text and contemporary examples of antisemitism like #9.

Rep. Matt Gaetz also called out the “hate speech” bill and said it would criminalize the Gospel itself:


This evening, I will vote AGAINST the ridiculous hate speech bill called the “Antisemitism Awareness Act.”

Antisemitism is wrong, but this legislation is written without regard for the Constitution, common sense, or even the common understanding of the meaning of words. The Gospel itself would meet the definition of antisemitism under the terms of this bill!

The bill says the definition of antisemitism includes “contemporary examples of antisemitism” identified by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). One of those examples includes: “…claims of Jews killing Jesus…”

The Bible is clear. There is no myth or controversy on this. Therefore, I will not support this bill.

Despite getting pushback from his own party, House Speaker Mike Johnson teamed up with Democrats to get the hate speech bill passed:


Our AIPAC-owned Congress are doing everything in their power to outlaw criticism of Jews and Israel in defense of the Jewish State’s genocide in Gaza.

This was a vote to repeal the First Amendment and pledge allegiance to Israel and it sailed through Congress 320-91.

As I reported last week, the Anti-Defamation League and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations also pushed Congress earlier this month to pass the controversial FISA law to spy on Americans to “protect Israel.”

The Jewish advocacy groups told Congress the spying law was needed first and foremost for “(1) the safety and security of Israel; and (2) the need to protect Jews in the U.S. — indeed, all Americans — from terrorist threats.”

Next up, they’re working on passing the Anti-Defamation League-backed “Countering Antisemitism Act” aimed at silencing criticism of Jews and Israel and policing Americans’ online speech.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is also calling for the pro-Palestine protests to be crushed by the National Guard.

The Palestinians aren’t the only ones living under occupation.

9 thoughts on “House Passes ‘Antisemitism Awareness Act’ to Silence Criticism of Israel as Hate Speech

  1. F$CK YOU, treasonous politicians!! Down with Zionism! May you all burn in Hell!!

    America will rise again and may your necks be forever hung on a graveyard of trees for all to witness and remember the horrors and atrocities that you have all committed!!!

    God would NEVER allow people to kill innocent men, women or children under his name!

    They are trying to create another Holy crusade again to bring about their Luciferian order.

    This is the synagogue of Satan’s handiwork and people need to wake up and realize that or they will be joining the Devil in Hell sooner than they think.

  2. This is a copy & paste of a comment that someone posted somewhere else but was soon after deleted. Seems like a perfect fit under this article –

    “You don’t have to be a christian to recognize evil. Whether or not any of this is cloaked in religion doesn’t matter at the end of the day when the bodies are piled up & your children are murdered. The jews (not zionism or any other cover word) love it when people fall into their either/or camps & fight each other & therefore not them directly. If you want to clarify the battle then it’s as simple as this – humanity vs jews / good vs evil – as it has always been since time began. I don’t use “jew” in the religious sense. Dressing it up with your religion of choice doesn’t change this basic premise but it can confuse the issue & cause many to lose focus on the simplicity of the struggle. “Antisemitism” is about shutting you up so you can’t even talk about what the problem is in the first place. The general walking dead out there are unfortunately already beaten with this crude weapon & religion can confuse them further. Awareness is definitely growing though as the face of evil is being unmasked day by day…”

    1. Glad you shared this one, Nate. I found another gold nugget today here at the Trenches! 🙂 Thank you!

    2. Nate, I found another gem today! It’s Shahid Bolsen’s message to the protesters. It is a complement for the comment you shared, about Zionism (The Jews). I know a lot about Islam because some of the best people I have ever met are Muslims. One young university student I met a few years back is Palestinian. She broke all the stereotypes. Shahid uses the occasional Islamic prayer word in his speech which is okay. He is like the Russell Means of the Middle East.

      1. Nate, the more I think about what your comment above mine is saying, and chew on it to break it down so I can easily digest it, the more true it becomes, because, as Henry says (I love this phrase so much), when it doesn’t come all the way down to the Jew, we are forced to try to “separate the pepper from the fly shit”, and we, who do not identify as Jews, would rather concentrate on the Bill of Rights which was put down as the law of liberty, to force them to decontaminate the smorgasboard, amongst themselves.

      2. Thanks for posting that vid, Diana. I am humbled by the brilliance of that man’s mind. And yet, I felt stabbed by the painful words of the last 10 seconds. I want him to know many are fighting and focused on victory. I wanted to tell him about those who have been championing The Bill of Rights for many, many years, teaching it as a way out of all the corruption and wars and a thousand other horrors. His last words tell me that he is unaware of us, so may our fight become more evidenced as each moment passes. Each day, the questions before us: Am I doing enough? What more can I do?


        1. galen, you just articulated the sub surface thoughts I was having about how the Bill of Rights is the only way out, with the help, of course, of thinkers like Shahid Bolsen, whose powerful words can help clear the way for us to shout it out to be heard and understood, for and by, all free thinking individuals who know that putting our religious differences aside will bring us all back to the law of Liberty that was created for the free nation these people from other nations must live by so that religion becomes an asset to all of us, rather than a liability. I agree wholeheartedly with you.

  3. I found the quote below and had to look up what “jump the shark” means. I learned that it refers to the moment or instance when something has reached its peak and starts to decline in quality.

    “The ‘antisemitism’ moral panic has officially jumped the shark. It has long been absurd, but now it’s a parody of itself. Things are only going to get dumber and more insulting to your intelligence from here.”
    — Caitlin Johnstone, 5/3/24


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