“How Do They Get People This Stupid?”: Tucker Carlson Wrecks Ambush Journalist Calling Him Racist

By TYLER DURDEN – Zerohedge

Tucker Carlson absolutely dismantled an Australian journalist while taking questions at the sold-out Australian Freedom Conference in Canberra, as part of his Australian tour.

After discussing a wide range of topics – including the release of Julian Assange, woke corporations, and corrupt pharmaceutical companies (watch here), Carlson took questions. from the audience – two of whom were antagonistic journalists.

Kat Wong of the Australian Associated Press launched into an attack of Carlson, saying “So, you talked a little bit about immigration, and, in the past, you’ve talked about how white Australians, Americans, Europeans, are being replaced by non-white immigrants in what is often referred to as the Great Replacement Theory,”

To which Carlson interrupted, saying “Have I said that whites are being replaced? I don’t think I said that.

Wong then went into full ‘ACKCHYUALLY‘ mode, firing back that “It’s been mentioned on your show 4,000 times” (it hasn’t).

“Really? When did I say that?” Carlson replied. “I said, ‘Whites are being replaced’?”

Wong doubled down, insisting that Carlson had made the ‘replacement’ theory about race – to which Carlson completely dismantled herThe Blaze reports.

I said, ‘Native-born Americans are being replaced, including blacks,'” Carlson shot back. “Native-born Americans … like black Americans have been — African-Americans have been in the United States for, in many cases, their families, over 400 years. And their concerns are every bit as real and valid and alive to me as the concerns of white people whose families have been there 400 years. So, I’ve never said that whites are being replaced.

My concern is that the people who are born in the country are the main responsibility of its leaders. And as noted earlier, when those leaders shift their concern from the people whose responsibility it is to take care of, to people around the world — to put their priorities above that of their own citizens, that’s immoral. And they are being replaced in my country, people who were born in the United States and the birth rate tells the whole story. They are not at replacement rate.

So the U.S. population is growing because we’re importing people from other countries. My view is that happy people have children. And a functioning economy allows them to do that. We don’t have that. So, you need to fix the economy and fix the culture, and make it so that people who want to have kids can. You don’t just go for the quick sugar fix of importing new people. And if you think that’s racist, that’s your problem.”

After that mic drop, Wong tried to claim she wasn’t calling Carlson a racist… only to pivot to blaming him for a mass shooting.

“This is the same theory or, as you say, idea, that’s inspired the New York, Buffalo, shooting,” said Wong.

“Come on,” Carlson replied. “How do they get people this stupid in the media? I guess it doesn’t pay well. … I don’t mean to call you stupid — maybe you’re just pretending to be.

Carlson underscored there was nothing bigoted about his views, adding that they centered on a “deep concern for Americans, actually. Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to and nobody in charge cares. And so that’s my position. That doesn’t ‘inspire’ mass shootings.”

The fertility rate in the U.S. last year was 1.784. By way of contrast, in 1960, the U.S. fertility rate was 3.7. For a population to maintain stability and replenish itself without need for an influx of foreign nationals, a fertility rate of 2.1 is needed. -The Blaze

Wong then steered the conversation into a ravine over gun control.


Needless to say: Tucker: 1, Establishment Hacks: 0

The next liberal ambush came from Paul Sakkal of the Sydney Morning Herald, who suggested that Carlson should feel “shame” and “regret” for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin – noting that conservatives have called Putin “reprehensible.”

Carlson suggested that his criticism of the Ukraine war should not be conflated with support for the Russian leader – and indicated that he does not in fact support him, but that if he did, it shouldn’t matter because free citizens in free countries should be able to support whomever they choose.

Tucker: 2, Establishment Hacks: 0


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