11 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. The gun issue is only the beginning of his hypocrisy. Why is he so afraid to die at all? Doesn’t the pope believe he’s going to heaven when he dies?

    I mean if he doesn’t make it into heaven, who does? He seems to fear death more than I do.

  2. Good fined Paul, as a Catholic i find this man a tool for the bank’s.While he was in Jew York he had more protection than the President. A man of god should not need a small army to protect him. He fears walking through the valley. Pray for us sinners and pass the Ammo please!

  3. Is that a bra or pair of panties on top of the pope mobile?

    I think someone didn’t get the memo that it was the pope and not Tom Jones


    Oh man, it’s truly an insane world.

    I’m surprised a bunch of pigeons haven’t pooped on his poop mobile yet.

    If he threw a few doves out the side, I’m sure God will send a few crows will come and chomp on them for his hypocrisy.

    This Pope reminds me of the Bishop in “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” who only wants money and to be worshiped.

    Friar Tuck: So, you sold your soul to Satan, Your Grace? You accused innocent men of witchcraft and let them die!

    Bishop of Hereford: Brother Friar, you would not strike a fellow man of the cloth?

    Friar Tuck: No, no, I wouldn’t. In fact, I’ll help you pack for your journey.

    [weighs the Bishop down with several heavy sacks]

    Friar Tuck: You’re going to need lots of gold to help you on your way – you’re a very rich man, eh? This too, and that!

    [holds up one last bag]

    Friar Tuck: Here’s thirty pieces of silver, to pay the Devil… ON YOUR WAY TO HELL!

    [shoves the Bishop to his death out a window]

  5. And yes, I agree with other commenters. If he is such a Holy Man who believes God will protect him and fears no death, then why all the armed security?

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